Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow day

What a surprise to wake up at the wee hours of the morning and see a winter wonderland. The night takes on a pearly glow and a special quiet descends. The trees are full and lush with their sparkling coat of crystal snow. All of the ugly parts of winter are smoothed out and replaced with the secret joys of childhood. Snow day ...a bit of a sigh in a high speed world. A moment to reflect and simply enjoy the moment. It also seems to add a bit of magic to a dreary grey week of wind rain and cold.
Yes yes I know there are a million things to do extra work in removing the snow from my car and the sidewalks taking extra time to drive and watching out for all of those other drivers. But just for now I will take this precious time to breath deep and dream.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Year New Ideas

2007 started out in a flurry of slanting rain and grey morning turning into a grey afternoon. A day to make you glad in be inside and warm curled up with the aftermath of Christmas clutter.

Everyone had returned home after a busy Holiday and a renewing of family relationships glad to be back in their own beds and not having to share a bathroom.
Cats were happy to have undisturbed naps again and the hum of everyday life return,
this year begins a new program of self care and returning to better health. Sleep has become a requirement of a happy me. The pain of RA has taken a big toll on my general life and experiencing several months of meltdown is an experience I do not care to repeat. I have been tracking the progress of meds, food and sleep and can see a pattern emerge I am writing these down so when in the mist of a melt down begining I can get a handle on it and get back to taking better care of my health. For Many years I have placed all others wants needs and desires before my own and have taken the road to make do with what was left over for my self. It have circled down to less and less time for me until I could no longer carry the load.

The body has very definate ways to stop you in your tracks and cause a detour. When one is younger the thoughts of you not being strong enough to handle things is a joke. But as you gain experience and travel thru the years many things become glaringly apparent that were hidden to younger eyes. And it turns out sometimes the joke is on you. Though not nearly as funny from the other side.

So this year is a year of caring for me and recreating my studio and losing myself in time to create and discover what ideas are ready to emerge and wild hairs.

Already wool pods are forming around vinatge crystals baling wires are wrapped in flowing colors of muted jewel tones. The box project is winding down only three more exchanges until the final gathering at the beach in July. Can't wait to see them all gleaming and glowing emerging from the secret travels of the past 2 years