Friday, December 18, 2009

Looking for Inspiration

Well it’s been a while since I last blogged. Life has taken me on quite a ride and I am finally able to catch my breath and focus.
Do you find yourself inspired with the most glorious ideas when you don’t have a fig’s worth of time to pursue your idea? I have been heaped in the mire of overlapping businesses and sorting out the past possessions which have lost their pull by date in my world of art.
I am sorting, cleaning and putting together my studio in between work, gardens, shows, guilds, life, obligations and family.

I became inspired to write after I ran across these pictures I took this August in Downtown Seattle on an Architectural Tour of Lions, Griffins, and creatures OH MY.
It was a beautiful Sunny day in Seattle,[not a term used to describe this town very often.] our PMC guild arrived early to gather for the tour we were treated to a delightful look at the stunning details of buildings which have graced the skyline for many decades. Driving thru the city streets would never revel the beauty we encountered that day. We learned many of the buildings looking like marble or stone walls were actually terra cotta cleverly created to resemble other materials.
I got lost in the details and could have spent hours gazing at the vintage delights just hanging out waiting to be discovered.
I wonder do they come alive at night. What would a gargoyle say to an Indian chief? Do the faces wiggle to relieve the stiffness of the solemn look they were given at creation? Do the walruses wiggle their tusks?

All I know is they send my artsy-fartsy side off on a delightful daydream that has the possibility of becoming a wee bit of my art

We enjoyed the very modern to the art deco details. The walruses are from the Artic Club a gentlemens club of days gone by which is now a hotel.I am so very happy to see these buildings survive the wear and tear of everyday life as well as the nincomepoops who want to tear down and replace with more roads or parking garages. Take your own tour with the Seattle Architechtural Society or look up a simular group in your own area