Thursday, November 13, 2014

Faerie Pendulum adventures

As Autumn moves into winter I was reminded in my morning meditations of ways to physically see energy lines and changes in our little neck of the woods. The Fae use  doorways between the worlds. From our own homes and gardens as well as in our local parks, parking lots, bus stops and more. 
One way to see energy changes is by using a pendulum.  You can create a pendulum from anything. 
Here is one I created from pruning in my yard. 
Create a pendulum and hold it in your dominate hand. To begin rest your elbow on the table and ask it to show you the movement for Yes Make a note. Ask it to show you the movement for No. Make a note. 
To check for different energy signals around your home. Get centered and walk to different areas. Stand quietly and hold your pendulum out and see if it hangs limply, or moves. If you get movement note what kind. Circle, back and forth, wild gyrations???
Then try it out side. See how things vary and how does your body respond as well. Do you feel cold, hot, buzzy  or get a feeling in the pit of your stomach. If you feel wary or unsafe. Move on now. 
Let's take a week and observe and feel. Use a small notebook to track your progress. Then let's post and see how everyone is doing. and if you discovered the different energy places around you. Think of it as dowsing for water as they did in the old days.

 My readings were off the charts at this place, wild gyrations simple lazy circles and dead stop no movement. The dead stop made me feel not safe in the pit of my stomach and I quickly moved on, at another of these spots I did not listen and fell flat on my fanny a few steps away. Alright I growled I get it not the place for me.
 Some places wereeven soothing and I spent a wee bit of time soaking up the peacefulness. A couple made me giggle??
 Tell me about your experiences