Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My life as a Shaman

Started out as a usual Tuesday  morning but adding rushing to get out the door for a Dr Appointment.
Weather is cloudy and cool which invokes my third mind thinking. Deep thoughts and puzzle pieces of experience suddenly clicking together in patterns of understanding.
Thinking back over many years of my work as a hairdresser and realizing how many secrets and confessions, pain, happiness, loss and life have been presented to me. I saw a vessel filling and filling but instead of overflow the vessel expanded and files were moved more locking cabinets were installed and more drawers filled.
 I was that vessel and I held those emotions, dreams, fears joys, hate and more tightly packed away for ??safekeeping”??
Then walking into the Dr’s office to check in I felt my blood pressure kick up and could feel my pulse accelerate just entering the room. I checked in sat down to wait and not only could feel the panic and jitteriness’ of the energy in the room but hear prayers and complaints swirling around the waiting room. It struck me then that this room was also a vessel of sorts holding the energy and emotions of all who had passed here and often deposited so going into the Dr Office a brave face could be presented when escorted into the inner offices.
 The room was nearly over whelming with unseen energy. So I sat closed my eyes imagined large roots coming straight from my spine and feet. Said a prayer asked for angelic reinforcements and became a portal to release the no longer needed energies, and while  in this quiet place I also let go of  those many, many years of those carefully stored secrets I have been carrying around.
 It was amazing I could feel when all was cleared and the air took on the smell of roses. I closed the portal withdrew the roots and just when the last bit was gone the door opened and the room filled with patients and my name was called for my appointment.
 I stand in gratitude and blessings to all my spiritual guides and teachers throughout the last 40 or more years.
For having the courage to accept the role as Shaman and knowing how and why to be  able to  not only release energy but fill the space with love and light and rainbows of color. Right now this moment I feel lighter than air.