Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wearing too many hats

I love hats straw,felt,woolen,and fabric. I love the look of myself dressed up complete with a hat. I have worn them since childhood where having an Easter bonnet was part of the outfit. I love then so much i even took classes and learned how to construct them. My Teacher was Wayne Wichern a master hat maker and all around delightful human being. He and his partner moved to California and now I only hear from it occasionally. But hats remain a passion in my life. But today's subject is on a different matter.

Professional hats. These are not the hats anyone sees but in my mind I place one one my head before each place I must be during the day. I have the CFO hat for our office. I have the Cheerful hat I wear when things are sliding sideways and personalities clash at the office. I have the Stern hat I wear when having to ask someone I employ to do the job they were hired to do.

I wear the supply clerk hat when I am keeping things supplied for all concerned at the office. Every job has it's paper work and tissue plays a vital role.......

I wear the calming hat when having to bring peace to the CEO after a day of battling with the giants of the government or city office rules or employees who think they are pulling the wool over your eyes or employees who are in distress and struggling and you can not do anything but listen and offer a moment of peace and a Kleenex.

Then I wear the battle hat meant for doing battle with those who would treat my staff badly or try to raise havoc with our system. This is my fiercest hat for I take no prisoners. My staff like my family is under the protection umbrella I carry at all time. I discovered i had this fierceness when my first child was born and inside me open a strength ad absolute power of protection, and when I don this hat just get out of my way.

Then I have the art hat which takes me on adventures and to meet people and visit places which inspire and feed my well creation. from that I wear the treasure hunting hat finding treasures both vintage and modern, who knows what will spark my interest. Then the Designer hat creating designs and classes from material I have discovered and co mingled. From there the why & how hat. That is one of my favorite hats. Why does this work and what happens if you do this or add that or fire it at this temp and pound it with that hammer. You get the picture. Then I add the teaching hat, I have learned so much teaching and i hope I have inspired and helped other move thru fear of the unknown into creative adventure. Then I move into the entrepreneur Hat. Selling supplies and treasurers as well as kits and my own wearable art. This is an important hat for if I am unsuccessful at this I can no longer wear the other hats.

Today I am overwhelmed my all the hats I wear in just 1 day. Today I am taking the time to renew my personal self and fill up the creative well and take some time to just create. I am going to take the time to send a sweet word of encouragement to other artists. Thanks you for taking time out of your busy crazy life's to create and inspire the rest of us.

Take off your hat and stay awhile