Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why do we create stone elixirs?

Why we create gemstone elixirs in the Misty Valley

Energy is present in all matter. From dirt to diamonds each particle of matter can be show to have and energy signature. That energy is filled with microscopic memories and qualities of each cycle or incarnation of life and time it has experienced. Like the saying from Heraclitus “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.”

The stone people in our world bring much to the betterment of our lives. Each rock, crystal, stone and piece of mineral laden material we call rock has unique memories, wisdom and stories of history often waiting to be discovered by  the geologist to the small child spying a shiny rock on our daily walk.
 Our stone brothers provide beauty, wonder and awe in all of us and for many of us have a special place in our heart.Earth air fire and water are the basic 4 elements are present in all stone families. Thousands of years of formation in all weather and earth events in very different part of the globe have created millions of species and combinations that we use and know today.
From as long as we began to record history the stone family has been a part of human history.
They offer us healing and are used in pharmaceuticals, heat, light, communication (crystals in radio and watches,) protection, beauty and peace (that small rock in your pocket that you rub when feeling stressed)
They hold history, spark our imaginations, invite adventure, spark creative juices, show wealth and power,
They are used in ceremony, used in body decoration, ground into power for all manners of paint, (you can still see how they glow in the old masters work at many museums.)
They spark memories of other times and other places including space and the stars moon and universe.They offer us proof of time and hold the bones of people and creatures who walked this earth in the beginning.
They feed our spirits, provide quiet joy (nothing like skipping rocks on a pond or filling your pockets at the beach.)
They honor or final resting place. They bless us with beauty they whisper stories of day s gone by and heal our weary spirits 
When you gather stones together  and study what healing they offer by studying their meanings and uses passed down through both oral and written history, you can begin to see, hear and feel the properties offered by each kind of mineral and rock. 
We use stones to create healing altars to carry our prayers and messages to those who need addition help in life and are in need of understanding and reassurance that we are not alone but have allies to help us walk step by step through everyday challenges.

When we create our elixirs we are infusing the energies and history each stone or crystal offers in small batches. They are created in specific conditions at specific sun and moon cycles to receive the qualities needed for healing and uplifting our emotional and spiritual bodies.
 They are created to be used in your own spiritual practice safe to take orally, in baths in drinks or in sprays to clean clear and uplift the energies that surround you, they may be used instead of smudge smoke to energetically clean and clear a room, car or office space.
 They are created to be used in your own spiritual practice. Created to be safely taken orally, in refreshing baths, or in sprays to clean clear and uplift the energies that surround you from everyday life.
 We also incorporate the elixirs in fragrant sprays so they may be used instead of smudge smoke to energetically clean and clear while invigorating a room, car or office space.

When you fill a glass with water and you drink that water you are receiving the experience of cellular memories of where ever that water has traveled to reach you at the time you drink it. As you drink it the water and all it holds blesses and refreshes your own spirit as well as your body with renewed vigor. 

Our elixirs are created with fresh spring waters to bring you the same energetic signatures and properties from each stone we are directed to create as each season dictates.. 
Long hours of sunshine and specific moon times play a role in each elixirs creation.
We create single notes ( one stone) or combinations of stones to infuse several qualities into one mix.  Each elixir is created at the Misty Valley, my home and sanctuary.
 Misty Valley is blessed and dedicated to healing, happiness and beauty indeed my sacred place where I have been a caretaker for the past 38 years.  
I am often met with cynical  faces asking "really do these work?" My answer is Yes! delightfully,peacefully and without a doubt.
I have witnessed an entire room of people be uplifted and cheerful after passing out samples of Larimar. I watched a roomful of people get absolutely giddy in the process of bottling elixirs. 
I have witnessed deep sadness gently lifted and connection with spirit deepened. I have worked with elixirs for over 20 years and have studies with several master healers to learn and perfect our process.
 I was recently asked to create a sexy blend to enhance love and connection. I studied and created 3 blends in small batches noting how lively they were in creation.
 First bottle sold and was repurchased within weeks from the delightful husband’s enthusiastic response.

 We create to enhance and bless your spiritual journey with the stone family wisdom we create at Misty Valley.  You can find our elixirs on line at our etsy shop for updates or to be part of our community