Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back to the Wolf den

Now the time has come to trot back into the warm studio and begin to create anew. This is the waning  of the moon and a time to rest, release and renew. to get ready for the next full moon and what ever it brings.

I however am working very hard creating some new items and jewelry as I will be vending at 
 FaerieCon West
 to be held in Seattle at the Renaissance  Hotel 
.February 22,23,&24,2013
.I will be giving away free passes in the next few weeks. 
Watch for the giveaway on my  Facebook  pages as well as here at my blog
 If you are in the area and want to have an unforgettable weekend .
 Be sure to  check it out.

 Keep tuned more fun coming soon

Final Wolf howl

May I introduce Marilynn a multifaceted artist, Lamp work Glass fibers quilts and more, I  have known her many years and traveled to some of the same bead shows selling our wares. It was a delightful sight to see her at the Huge International Quilt Show when I was there as a vendor  shortly after Katrina. She has always had a bright smile and the most interesting projects swirling around with the playful beads she creates.
Enjoy m'dears

This is one of my elfkins, her name is Dragon Fly Girl. 
 She loves shiny things, natural things, and stuff.
 Sometimes she sits on my shoulder to help with scrabble games. 
 Fortunately it is on line;
 if I play with board and tiles I find tiles missing....
 because she likes to use them for stepping stones.

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Spooky Howling Wolf Moon

Photo in day light
May I introduce a new friend, one who has talent running out her ears. She creates the most wonder purses and handbags in felt and fabric and beads.
 Welcome  Lou Hearnesberger

Photo in studio light
What a way to start off this project!!!

Hi Peg, I hope it's not too early in the month to show you what I've done with "my" little box. I know you wanted us to have this section ready by Jan.26... I was really anxious to get going on the alter and I knew it was going to have the theme of Halloween so I went for it. 

What inspired me: I've always loved the Fall months and October
 in particular and Halloween specifically! !
 Halloween, to me, is a time of mystery and magic, lore.
 The time leading up to Halloween means spooky movies, and
 dark nights where anything is possible and possible paranormal activity.
 Ghosts, goblins, witches, bats and pumpkins rule!

More Moon Musing Altars

May I now introduce you to Gwen Gyldenege, A colorful character whom I have personally known  all of her life She is currently working with her voice to create colorful characters who read the most delightful stories to her many friends who I like to loving call "Short folks". If you get the chance check out her and her gang of puppets along with her kitties' chorus in the background, giggles will escape your face while viewing these, now don't say you haven't been warned,

This year, upon opening a ripe pomelo, I discovered it's delicious floral scent, much like that of walking through an orange grove.  Pleasantly surprised and captivated, I had to have more. I wanted to bottle it up and wear it every day.  The pith is what holds the richest scent.  The pomelo flesh, is also very tasty - like a cross between an orange and a grapefruit and delightfully pink.  When cut in a cross section, the contrast between the bright green rind, the pithy white and the cheerful pink pulp of the flesh segments is so inspiring.  I love how the pomelo segments aren't even in cross section. They remind me of flowers drawn by kids. So inspired to bottle up this scent, I went out and bought mason jars and all different kinds of citrus to make lemoncello, floral waters (via vodka) and vinegar for cleaning (thank you pinterest!). So, now that my counters are stacked with mason jars and the multitude of citrus offerings, the inspiration to draw these wonderful fruits happened. 

Well, it took a while before I was hit with inspiration.  This box, being less than evenly balanced on all sides jarred me so much that I couldn't create. I made that worse by berating myself for not doing anything, then was concerned that my artists block would continue long beyond just this one box into every other box I attempted.  Damn that cut out square!  But, I put the whole project into a drawer while frustrated and took the day off.  I let myself relax, enjoy, and napped. Then, the day after the full moon, I just sat down and started drawing all the citrus that I had brought into my life.  I let it all hang out and anchor near the lower right corner. Let the fruit fall where it may!  Lo and behold, it behaved! I was able to cut a square out and still maintain the integrity of the art I created. Whew!  

My favorite part about this was discovering the cross sections of each fruit.  When I look at it, my heart skips a beat over both the pretty pink & green pomelo flower cross section and how I really captured the pink ripening spot on a grapefruit. I think, "Wow, I did that.... I did!"

Wolf Moon Monday

Onward and forward we go as our big old full moon begins to wane and time marches  along. Isn't it amazing  how quickly time passes when you are in the mist of creating. As well as how slowly time passes  when waiting in line?
Curious how I felt in the beginning of January I had a long month of time as now as I reflect on things as this first moon of  2013 is waning I almost feel cheated by how quickly it has passed.
 My Inspiration began in December when the colors I choose greeted me in several location. As well as pictures of the Luna Moth. Even on the internet on day Bing had a breathtaking photo of the Luna Moth. There is something in the combination of colors  from the twilight teal to the yellow green of Miss Luna that made my moth water. I collected papers,pencils,inks,markers and a most interesting product shrink plastic and waited and waited and wandered around some more. Then thought about it,dreamed about it and finally began to create. That is when time all but disappeared and the magic began. I am inspired by the little bits of magic in everyday life. This is my Little Altar begining


Colored pencil
After firing

luna moon

Howling again

Here is an introduction you will not hear very often in your life, may I introduce Beth Drobney  "small business owner of "The Dirty Hoe".

My altar has to do with my love of nature which I learned from my mother and grandmother, who both had wonderful gardens. I found the angel at a vintage market, she called to me because she has such a gentle face. I gessoed and painted her to make her look older, added the word BEAUTY to her banner and some shine to her wings. The rest of the altar is made up of paper goods, ribbon, moss, brass and a small wooden rabbit given to me by a special friend. The altar reminds me of all the sweetness and joy I find out among my plants.

More Wolf Moon Delights

Finally back to add some more wonderful  Little Altars Work.
 May I introduce Nancy Strahle

Dried orchid blossom, dried leaves, handmade magnet hooks with sterling wire
and buttons, fold forming experiment, copper leaf lei, ruby, branch from
morning walking, shell collected by friend in Mexico, press-formed and
colored experiment on copper, scrap found copper shape embellished with
riveted colored copper circles, all held on by magnets to a covered sheet of
steel.  I'm not sure this is QUITE finished, but it may be.  I reserve the
small option of adding.  And, by nature, each item can be rearranged!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Final post tonight

WOW AND WOW some more!

Thank YOU so much my dear artsy friends
 I am delighted and inspired and overjoyed at what I have received so far, but my fingers are tired and ready for a long winters nap after my final addition tonight of Lynn Vernon

My first spot is really based on my heart and things that keep me focused on life, family, art, etc.  It incorporates my family, hanging from a copper tree cut out and chased to provide texture.  It is heat patinated and has photos of my immediate family, husband, daughters, dog, and the son-in-law to be who is officially joining our family in April but is really already a family member.  Motivational sayings are part of my daily life and I have included ones that keep me going.  One hidden gem near the LOVE sign is the top view of a glass of red wine – definitely something I love!  =)  The background is a textured paper with hand applied paint in gold and copper to add dimension.  The butterfly ready to fly from the frame with the key-hole represents my artistic desires ready to take flight and the fact that the key is in me, I just need to unlock my potential.

HOW-L-L-LL-L Wolf Moon 5

 Cynthia Bicker is next. and if you happen to hear wee little laughter and giggles , think nothing of it but   keep you eyes peeled for any unusual  objects missing.  Gotta watch out for the wee people. hee-hee


Wolf Moon 4

Kathy Dannerbeck is on board next Take it away dear Kathy,

Altar Project – January 2013

As the full moon approaches… is our initial installation for our Alter Project!
My first section sets the stage for inspiration, the trying of new things and using objects that I want to figure out how to incorporate into some type of project.

As I am currently in the Tucson desert – that has been my inspiration.  I have long been intrigued by the patterns of cactus thorns, the pods one finds and other natural objects one an stumble upon in the desert.  I have been taking photos of cactus and their patterns for many years and have been wanting to do something with them!!  There must be a way to incorporate these different objects in my jewelry….so exploring this has been fun.  As I sat thinking and working on my Altar section different images kept popping into my head and emerged as haiku and haiku-like poems – so they too have been included in my section.

Wolf Moon 3

Next is Lynn Brown Hranac

Little Altars Project January 2013
Lynn Brown Hranac
The inspiration for my centerpiece for Little Altars literally came to me in a dream. When I awoke one morning last week I remembered my dreams which were centered on a waterfall and I knew I must include water in my personal Little Altar for our project.
I have always found the beach a place of spiritual healing. I gravitate to the sounds of the surf when I am dealing with especially hard times in my life.  The water, sky, wind and the smells plus the sounds of the beach give me a new start. I am drawn to all water lakes, streams and rivers but especially our Northern Washington  Beaches.  My favorites are Kalaloch and Ruby Beaches north of Ocean Shores, WA.  I also love Lincoln Beach in Oregon because the beach combing is great and I can stay at my sister-in-law’s house as long as I will help in garden or greenhouse when I stay. Twist my arm. I love the beach in all weather, but I think my favorite is when it is storming.
The materials I used for my Altar were all collected on Kalaloch, Ruby and Lincoln Beaches. They include miniature beach rocks, agates, sea glass (some of which I tumbled myself in the cement mixer) and drift wood. My husband always just shakes his head at the many pocketful of these small treasures I haul off the beach each visit. “Ha” I say just think of all the potential!  Today, he remarked “I am glad to see you found a use for all those rocks and sticks!” No comment!!!
My Altar is a work in progress as we go along our journey, who knows what other beach finds I will add to my little altar…….

More Wolf Moon

in the begining
adding glass and wire


Introducing Kimberly Kostal an extraordinary woman works in lamp work,wire (loves wire twirling,wrapping swirling shapes) and more while helping raise twins and assorted other beebees and more 
Here is Kimberly"s original inspiration



Wolf Moon 1/26/13

I am busy finishing off my long to-do list for both corporate and personal agendas while assembling my inspirations for my first little altar spot.
The photos have begun to arrive from my companions on this shared artful experience. Oh OH OH. You can see that is me howling in delight

You will notice the star in the reverse "L" shape compartment This is the beginning.

Oh the possibilities and brain wracking that is going on right now, can you hear the howling  'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO How can I pick just one thing? or do I have to .........................brain wheels spinning....

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy January to  everyone.
 2013 has begun rather nicely for me and it’s time to get back to making Art. Last year is finished and I am one happy woman to see it in the past.

 In late December I was struck by a muse and got another “wild hair” about shared inspiration and I created the “The Little Altars” Art Project 2013 a yearlong exchange with the following  11 artists.
 Lynn Vernon, Lou Hearnesberger, Kathy Dannerbeck, Nancy Strahle,
 Kimberly Kostal, Marilynn Rich ,Gwen Gyldenege, 
Cynthia Bicker, Lynn Hranac, Beth Drobny,  and my self

 I am very inspired by the wee things that make up everyday life. I have been creating little altars from the small bits and pieces I find myself picking up as I am inspired by objects in the driveway, at the beach, in the produce aisle, color combinations  in a heap of laundry or the sun light caressing the fabric of the sofa. Creating the little altars my objects represent  the tiny glimpses of color, form, texture placement and other qualities that can be captured  to lead me on to fresh ideas in my work,

I often find myself making wee altars when I have been out in the garden and come across a dried seed pod or a feather. Gathered together and arranged in a spot that catches my eye as I am performing tasks of daily living these little altars inspire my work and thoughts.

 Also in my studio when “cleaning” and reorganizing I am often waylaid by two or three colors accidently colliding on my put away pile that send me off into the what if??...???...
…So I got to wondering how would other artists inspirations spark and invite each other to dream and play.  I have also been watching the moon and all of her phases and keeping track of myself as well as people around me. Watching and recording energy levels and moods as the moon constantly changes.  A very interesting study indeed if I do say so myself.

So you are invited to sit back and enjoy the process with us as we explore Little Altars.
 We are all starting out with a “7 gypsies  printer drawer with 13 sections. ”(Which we purchased at

 Each little Altar is due on the full moon of each month. This month January each artist is responsible for creating the home or heart spot altar. The photos are due on Saturday January 26, 2013.
Each artist starting in Feb will be creating an altar in an assigned space for a different artist the spaces are lettered A thru K.  Then these will be mailed to the assigned artist who will install then in the assigned spot.

I have worked long and hard creating a schedule so each artist and each spot are in a random order. It was several days and many sheets of paper to come up with the order that worked. But success at last!
Stay tuned for more information and photos as the project moves forward.