Monday, January 31, 2011

Auction INFO

Hello all
Here is a report on The KMFMB FUND

Here is how much money we have raised so far.

Bracelet Sales income $523.48

Ebay Auction Income as of 1/31/11 $378.03

There are 2 auctions left

The first one finishes in 1 day at about 9 pm west coast time and has 6 items

The second finishes in 4 days and has 11 items

These are some very cool things and as you can see we could sure use some enthusiastic bidders and help get these totals up higher.

I wanted to raise this money so the teachers could get paid sooner and perhaps there will be more to invest in all of the things required to keep art and soul Moving forward. Please take the time to contribute to this event.

I have donated 2 months of my time putting it all together and each artist has put in hours of time to create the cool artwork offered to you on EBay

Each artist took the time ,money and effort to help donate the KMFMB Fund. Now we are leaving in your hands
Please participate
 Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Auction Items Art & Soul

Sorry to announce I will be unable to auction the 5 nights at the Embassy Suites Hotel on Ebay . Legal requirements require I handle this in a different manner. Please go to Ebay and continue to bid on the wonderful items still up and continuing to be posted. There are some beautiful things and you will be sorry you missed this once in a lifetime opportunity to bid on the 4 Fat books. I have spent hours looking and enjoying each page. I am truly amazed at the time, effort and scope of each artist.
Keep tuned this is merely a speed bump in moving forward

Thanks Peg

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Auction Items Final Art & Soul

Get your bidding fingers warmed up and ready to go. The final auction will be posted Tomorrow 1/27/11 and ends Tuesday 2/1 /2011

along with the final 7 items including 2 more Fat books & a cheerful cupcake painting this auction includes the big bounty bidding blast of bodacious donations... Drumroll please

Auction for the 5 nights at the Portland Airport Embassy Suites

VALUE 900.00 2 room suite, cooked to order breakfast and managers reception daily

expires 10/3/2011

Sandy Lupton

Autumn Beauty by Cyn Bicker
A Big THANK YOU to Portland Airport Embassy Suites for this grand gift and a huge round of applause to thank all of the excellent staff who always make our Art and Soul Experience superior! And provide us with excellent classrooms,Store Space and wonderful food not to mention the cozy rooms ( which are often hard to see because of all of the art supplies piled high on every availble surface.)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Up Close & Personal: Art & Soul Auction Items

Having fun introducing  our auction items up close and personal with a bit of fun just like the shopping channel.
I wanted you to see them with more than just a few photos.  I love being able to spend time with these little gems of art. It has been a great honor getting to know themlike they were family with out the painful parts.
 Speaking of Family my daughter has been keeping me current on all aspects of social media and now dragging me into making a video. It was fun and I hope I did not screw up your names too badly
 Please enjoy our late night adventures and PLEASE GET OUT THERE AND BID THIS STUFF UP

You will not only support Art and Soul and keep it moving forward but get to have a delightful piece of art from a very special group of artists who are working to support art education and retreats

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 5 Auction items


Just wanted to let you know I just posted your items on the Ebay auction site. Tonight I added a wee beaded pouch,cat earrings a delightful fiber handbag and 2 Fat Books as well as a mixed media picture and a upcycled doll made from fish tins and the keys used to open them. Check it out on eBay. Go to then to search and click on advanced. On your left click on seller then search for wildhairstudio.

Just a reminder The auction for 5 nights at the Portland Embassy suites is coming up in the next 2 days

Thank you so much for your donations

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 2 Auction items

live link to the Kiss my Fanny Mr Banker Fund auctions

If the link doesn't work go to ebay 
find search then advanced search
on the left  click on seller and type in wildhairstudio then search. you will find us there
 Today I added
 Lips Necklace by Kathy Gould
Labyrinth Spiral Cuff Bracelet by Terri-Nickleson-Williams
Spiral Sun by Dona L Jones
Toucan Tom Earrings by Queen of Possibilities
Midnight Blues by Randy Drobny

Remember to BID BID BID BID

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Live Auction Info

 Here is the link to the ebay auction items, we  just went live 2 hours ago. The first 5 items are up and each auction will last 5 days.
 I will be putting up 5 new items each day for the next 6 days.

Thanks so much to Esse Lyle for photographing for 9 hours on Monday to get all items showing off their best assets. Also Thanks to Cyn Bicker who patiently walked me thru the ebay set up process and guided me through the Forrest of the unknown landscape of on site auctions.
 Oh my goodness I am turning into a super geek 3 computers going and I could have used one more!

Happy Bidding

BIDDING ON Auction Items

  Dear Reader

.The auctions are not live yet I am hoping to start them today and will put up the information  on this blog, on facebook and on the Art and Soul groups on yahoo to begin the bidding after they are ready.
 Items are still coming in and I am writting descriptions an taking measurments to assure you  know what you are bidding on

I put  items on my blog so folks have the time to get a preview of  all of the lovely items before the auction begins

Please understand
I am working a full time job as well as trying to keep the rest of the world moving smoothly and doing this in my spare time.

So if you can help promote this auction I would really appreciate it. Send your friends to this blog to preview  all of the wonderful donated items

Monday  1/17/2011 a Photographer ( Esse Lyle) donated 9 hours of time getting the photographing all the items.  This was a big undertaking and Esse is a wonderful photographer. Great photographs will let you see the fab items in their full glory and help you decide what you would like to bid on.

 Today I have another person coming to get the auctions listed and ready to go live. I am running as fast as I can and my goal is to get everything ready to go live today. I may space items out so everyday  5 items go up for auction but I am waiting for the results of today to make those decisions. 

THANK YOU THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has helped make this happen

Midnight Blues by Randy Drobny

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Auction Items 11 Art & Soul

Bottlecap Beauties Peg Gyldenege

Sexy bits headbands Peg Gyldenege


Spiral Sun Pin

Kindred Spirit Designs

Dona L Jones

Oley PA

Cat earrings

Cat Pin

Auction Items 10 Art & Soul

 Are you ready for the grand  prize of auction items!!!!!!!
The Embassy Suites just gave me 5 nights lodging for Portland for the auction!!  This includes a deluxe two-room suite, tax, managers reception and cooked to order breakfast.  It expires Oct 3, 2011 and is only good at the Portland Airport Embassy.   The value is approx $900.

Auction Items 9 Art & Soul

 Wall Art Assemblage pieces created with handstitiched pieces from Pakistan, charms, matchbox,feathers and more

Join in the Dance of life celebrating  our connections

Auction Items 8 Art & Soul

Delightful Diva
Assemblage Doll by Merrelle Kirkland

I am a life long artist

Currently my main intrests are in assemblage, collage, and unique dolls.

I studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the University Of Illinois

Doll measures 12” high by 5” wide

  Donna Fay Allen "She sells Sea Shells"

I sell my work through a co-op gallery in Florence, Oregon called "Backstreet Gallery" I have 2 Etsy shops: "donnafayallen" is my photography shop, and "artstuffandjunk" is a shop I very recently opened for jewelry and altered art.

Auction Items 7 Art & Soul

The quuen of possibilities inspired by "alice in wonderland" created
 Wild Hare Straw Hat

Handspun wool knitted  into a Hat of jaunty splendor

Created by Gwen Gyldenege

Matching cowl to keep you warm and cozy in shades of amythest can be worn as a set or singly

Friday, January 14, 2011

Auction Items 5 Art & Soul


Art & Soul Fatbooks:

Portland 2007
Portland 2008

Asilomar  2008

Pocket Skirt Fat Book – Hampton, VA 2010

 Art and Soul 
Pocket Skirt Fat Book
Hampton  2010

Auction Items 6 Art & Soul

 Beautiful Bead work from Terri Nickelson-Williams from St Helens Or
 She has been beading since she was 13 There are 2 necklaces (one the spiral heart is a choker tied with ribbons) 2 beautiful cuff bracelets beaded on a felt base with u cabochons surrounded by seed bead bezels and a wee pouch necklace with tiny hematite stars  You can see more of her work at


Auction items Art and Soul

Our first offering is from deep in the heart of the Cambridge woods. Judith Gott from Gilded Lily Design. sent us a delightful set created with beads made of  hand dyed papers,wrapped in fiber and tiny seed beads. The necklace is a collection of  of these hand crafted gems on a neck ring. The earring with add that bit of sparkle needed on an ordinary Wednesday or brighten up a evening out, The colors are cheerful and will accent any outfit with a bit of whimsy
 Judith Gott has attended
Art and Soul retreats for 5 years She lives in Salem Oregon has a website where you can reach her for more of her art. She creates art with hand dyed papers,glass gems,rocks,fibers,and remnants of discarded fabrics. She also creates teeny tiny books as well as jackets and sweaters You can reach her at or visit her etsy store

Auction Items 4 Art & Soul

 Wall art "Dare to be" Beth Drobny and Peg Gyldenege
 Hand stitched TeaPot cozy from Iraq, silver wings,red feathers, matchbox,face,wings and many giggles