Thursday, August 27, 2015

Autumn Equinox 2015

The need to pause, reflect and give thanks has always been important to me. Taking time each quarter of the year for ritual or ceremony has been a major part of my life for many years. Time seems to whirl by and  my mind chatter often repeats not enough not enough you need to .........  and the list is endless not only from my own life but what the over culture seems to add we must do. 

I have always been an observer of nature and love to watch the wheel of the year turn and see the changes each season brings. They follow unseen  signals and signs and provide such different beauty with each season.  

I find it not only comforting to pause and celebrate at  the beginning of each season but also take the time to plan,give thanks and bring all of my scattered parts back together to move forward. What needs mending, what need renewal, what needs putting away.

 I have been given the opportunity to share my Autumn Equinox Ceremony with you  at The Crystal Voyage in Tacoma WA. If you happen to be in the area the details are below

Autumn Equinox Celebration & Ceremony 2015
 At Crystal Voyage
  Thursday September 24th, 2015          6 to 8pm
 It’s time to clean out, clear away and give thanks for your summer’s bountiful harvest. As well it is time to bring you back in to balance as the days and nights exchange places and prepare for the going with as we enter the colorful time of autumn.
Peg and Gwen Gyldenege invite you to join us this delightful journey of self exploration and celebration o  one of the four seasons.  For the past 37 years they have been learning, communicating and creating a bridge of spiritual guidance with members of the third kingdom this includes, Faeries or Sylphs, Undines, Salamanders, & the Gnomes, Elves and Dragons on the land they call the Misty Valley. The time has come to share these ceremonies with the world and bring together those who share the dream of making our part of the world a better place.
Join us for an Autumn Equinox Ceremony with the Fae, nature spirits and devas and other entities from the third kingdom.  We will begin with a guided Meditation and end our evening with an earth weaving.
 Please bring the following items
1.       Bring a small vial of earth from your favorite place for our earth weaving
1 oz is great.  A small container with a lid ( such as a pill bottle or small jar) will be just right as You will be taking home your portion of mixed and blessed earth
2.      An item to give away from your own 2015’s summer’s harvest.
What did you set your intentions on this summer? Was it your garden, or creating art or collecting seashells? This is a small gesture to show gratitude and share your creation with someone else and must be a tangible item
3.      Your favorite rock or crystal to reenergize on our Autumn Equinox Altar
We will have autumn equinox altar will be set up with a space for your own items to help assist and absorb the energies at this special quarter of the year
4.      Bring a sheet of paper listing 3 things you are grateful for from this summer season.
We will be sharing these to help build and strengthen our energies with the help of our third kingdom co-creators. 

Cost is $30.00 per person

Monday, August 17, 2015

Inviting the Fae into your life and Home

 As you may or may not know I am a natural clairvoyant, healer and shaman. I have been studying and working in the  metaphysical world for over 35 years. I recently opened my practice to the public and combined with my art work as well as many other faceted of my life have stepped out into the world to  spend the years I have remaining making the world a little better than I found it. I have a private online Faerie group where we explore and share encounters and ideas as well as celebrate in ceremony the four seasons and equinox ans solstice points of each calendar year.

 Here is a question I received recently,

I may have asked this before but are faeries really afraid of iron?? I'm making a inside faery garden and the room I may have to keep it in has iron things in it! Stuff of my husband's like weights and things so I can't get rid of it lol 😑

The question has been raised several times about the Fae and iron. In my experience there are no issues. Think about it for a moment iron is an element of the earth and the gnomes and elves who work with metals, stones and minerals encounter it and create with it.
 According to many old Faeires tales faeries stayed away from iron as it was toxic to them. Some of this knowledge or information started during the Iron Age as the earth was rapidly changing in ways we hunted and built things. Much of nature was destroyed and cleared out to make way for “progress”. The small tribes of people who relied on stone and wood to hunt and protect them were suddenly wiped out as the tools were no match for the new metals. There became a great fear of iron as it ended life quickly and suddenly.
 Faeries are in partnership with nature and green and growing things and have watched many many places wiped out and modernized or simply destroyed for greed or human foolishness.
 The Fae went into seclusion and left their legacy mostly to stories and tales shred around the fire late at night. But some people began to take notice and see how all is connected and our natural world   needs us to actively protect and admire as well as been a part of it.  The shifts in energy and recent ( and I mean in the last 40 years) have brought about a coming together of humans and the Fae working together in a partnership to balance out this world..
 So to answer your question your husband’s weight lifting equipment will not prevent your connection or honoring place for the Faeries. Your intent and desired to connect and be a part of the Faerie connection is the most important part of your setting up a Faerie Altar.
 And like many of us certain things are not healthy for us and cause allergic reactions. You may encounter some Fae who feel that way about iron. But they know and understand such matters and will stay away from them. Think of it as if you were allergic to eating apples but you loved seeing orchards of apple trees. You could still go and admire smell and enjoy the orchard but you knew not to eat the apple.
 Stop worrying about rules and am I doing this the right way. Open your heart and mind and simply believe in the Fae and the doorways will open. Give thanks for the tiny miracles we are shown each and every day , sunrise a child’s laughter, flowers in bloom, dandelion seed heads… and clean up trash, respect Mother Earth as bit by bit you make the world a better place

. Peg 2015

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Peg's #The HundredDayProject

  Some of you may have noticed my plethora  of pencil drawings in the past few months. This has been a very delightful blooming for me as well as a great exercise in letting go and moving forward instead of dithering in that lost place of perfection and the shame of not good enough. I began this project with a cataclysmic upheaval in our home and 6 months so far of indoor camping. But that my dears is another story.

In the beginning I started this late in the evening as a way to bring order and calmness to my mind and let my creative urges out each day. I must create or complete things daily or I find myself  in a jumble and cranky. Not the way I like to be in the world. I have so many ideas and thoughts that bang about in my cranium begging for release and they will not let me be until I at least begin to bring them from my daydreams into life in what ever form they happen to take. I am sure many of you can relate. I set up rules in the beginning to do a Faerie tale related pencil sketch not a finished piece but a jumping off point for later creations. and I gave myself 30 minutes. No dilly dallying about not over working and NO CHICKENING OUT! what I drew is what goes out to be posted on Instagram.

An old dear friend who I haven't seen in many years popped up on Facebook not long ago and we have been reconnecting. She is one of those wonderful &  rare people you have in your life that it seems no time has passed since you last connected. She inquired about the drawings and here is my answer to her which prompted this post

 I happened upon the 100 day project idea in April. I always loved drawing. Been seeing Faeries since I can remember and started sketching them. Took oil painting and water color classes love them enter a few shows and got totally squashed. Didn't understand it doesn't matter if one or two judged don't accept your work. 
In despair and shame I Put things away for me but taught my kids and others the joy of creating art.

 I moved into many other kinds of art and kept buying paper and pencils stashing them away and they giving them to different artists struggling with how to expressing their own voice. Took a metal smithing class on using colored pencils on copper and felt like I came home. 

The 100 day project was to commit to doing art everyday for 100 days then post it on Instagram using the hashtags #TheHUNDREDDAYPROJECT my title #30minutefaerietalesketches. and my instagram name #wildhairqueen     
So I started, I do one each night before going to bed I have filled 5 notebooks so far and learned so much about pencils and my self. You can see all of them on Instagram and follow me as wildhairqueen. Ps call me anything you like

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Unexpected lessons

A little  Mother’s Day tribute to unexpected lessons in mothering.
I don’t like mother’s day my life was not hallmark approved no matter how hard I tried to make it so.
So at a young age I picked myself up learned a trade and left to discover the world. It has been quite a ride and along my way I have encountered some wonderful women who taught me many many things.

 I awoke this morning with three who are embedded deeply in my heart and gave me unconditional friendship and encouragement as well as laughing till you wet your pants fun. I met them all because of art .We connected in painting classes and became an odd foursome with super powers meeting each Tuesday for about 10 years
 They were all in their 70’s and I in my late 30’s. 

Alice began her artful pursuits a 60 after her husband’s death including learning to drive, becoming a metalsmith and lapidary as well as creating from ground zero 200 porcelain dolls in every conceivable form.

Tony not only raised her own 5 kids but fostered many others while creating thousands of miniature figurines to sell each week at the local swap meet so she could continue to help neighbor kids in need.

Ruthie was such a gentle soul with a wicked sense of humor. She held a full time job for 40 years and quietly helped bolster everyone around her encouraging helping and loving unconditionally everyone she encountered. All of these women were pioneers and took on tasked “women weren’t welcome”.
One played poker in downtown Seattle card rooms and made enough money each week to feed her family during the great depression. One helped dear Japanese secret friends during World War 2 and traveled to Puyallup internment camps to bring much needed unavailable supplies that could be smuggled thru the fence.
 They were adventures and willing to go on Peg adventures when I was possessed by one of my “Wild hairs”. We once drove to Canada on a day trip to check out a bead store & handmade paper store. Left early morning car supplied with thermoses of hot coffee and fresh muffins spending the next 10 hours having fascinating  conversations and learning about the amazing lives of these 3 women. As well a flash and dash of artful shopping.
 They became family and patrons of my art. They pitched in to help me buy a kiln which was entirely out of my budget at the time. One even gave me her enameling kiln when she was preparing to pass on. We learned to fuse glass, create with seed beads, and create in precious metals, watercolor, torch enamel and more. They encouraged me on days I could not get past my lack of self worth. Then cheered me on gave advice in ways that helped me grow, they laughed about sex and how important is it to be yourself at all costs.
 I mourned each of their deaths and yet knew they are always in my heart and part of my soul. But today I thank them for added the mothering I so needed as well as the lovely glow of friendship and love of creative work between friends.