Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Peg's #The HundredDayProject

  Some of you may have noticed my plethora  of pencil drawings in the past few months. This has been a very delightful blooming for me as well as a great exercise in letting go and moving forward instead of dithering in that lost place of perfection and the shame of not good enough. I began this project with a cataclysmic upheaval in our home and 6 months so far of indoor camping. But that my dears is another story.

In the beginning I started this late in the evening as a way to bring order and calmness to my mind and let my creative urges out each day. I must create or complete things daily or I find myself  in a jumble and cranky. Not the way I like to be in the world. I have so many ideas and thoughts that bang about in my cranium begging for release and they will not let me be until I at least begin to bring them from my daydreams into life in what ever form they happen to take. I am sure many of you can relate. I set up rules in the beginning to do a Faerie tale related pencil sketch not a finished piece but a jumping off point for later creations. and I gave myself 30 minutes. No dilly dallying about not over working and NO CHICKENING OUT! what I drew is what goes out to be posted on Instagram.

An old dear friend who I haven't seen in many years popped up on Facebook not long ago and we have been reconnecting. She is one of those wonderful &  rare people you have in your life that it seems no time has passed since you last connected. She inquired about the drawings and here is my answer to her which prompted this post

 I happened upon the 100 day project idea in April. I always loved drawing. Been seeing Faeries since I can remember and started sketching them. Took oil painting and water color classes love them enter a few shows and got totally squashed. Didn't understand it doesn't matter if one or two judged don't accept your work. 
In despair and shame I Put things away for me but taught my kids and others the joy of creating art.

 I moved into many other kinds of art and kept buying paper and pencils stashing them away and they giving them to different artists struggling with how to expressing their own voice. Took a metal smithing class on using colored pencils on copper and felt like I came home. 

The 100 day project was to commit to doing art everyday for 100 days then post it on Instagram using the hashtags #TheHUNDREDDAYPROJECT my title #30minutefaerietalesketches. and my instagram name #wildhairqueen     
So I started, I do one each night before going to bed I have filled 5 notebooks so far and learned so much about pencils and my self. You can see all of them on Instagram and follow me as wildhairqueen. Ps call me anything you like