Friday, September 27, 2013

September Full Moon #7

I had a great time this month designing and stitching my project. I chose sunflowers because it is the flower that
signifies Fall to me.  And sunflowers come in such a variety of colors!

I stitched Spider Webs  because they are a motif that is included on most Victorian Crazy Quilts.  Spiders and spider
webs are also plentiful in the Fall garden. I love gardening and stitching Crazy Quilt Blocks, so this was a natural theme
for this Little Alters project. I really enjoyed stitching while watching TV BUT my cats didn't like it all, my lap was not
available for cat naps. LOL!

I am excited to get this small 'field of Sunflowers' posted to Kathy today!

Lynn H

September Full Moon #6

This September altar piece is for Kimberly. I love to watch as the leaves start to change into their Fall colors, so I knew I wanted to use some of my velvet leaves in the piece with bright red berries added! I've had the gold metal bird for a long time, but I felt it was too shiny so I used brown, ocher and deep purple paints on it and then lightly rubbed some off until I was happy with it's more subdued look. The saying is from one of my stamps which I used Tiny Texts to spell out.
Flying has always been one of my dreams which is why birds and wings show up in so many of the things I make.

 Wishing everyone a magnificent Fall!  ---Beth

September Full Moon #5

 The forest is a buzz, Mother Nature is quite the task master! Every fall the faeries are in a dither trying to get all the leaves repainted in her glorious fall pallet.

 Charles, Charlie to his friends who lives in the house there in the small clearing just across Giggling Creek. Ever the helpful soul every year he tries to help out the leaf duty, and every year the faeries not wanting to hurt his feelings must take the time to "hide" his paintbrush! There is still no mention of the year he improvised using Sherman Squirrel's tail.....Sherman is still rather miffed, though sporting a very colorful tail. Charlie's not home right now, he's out making sure all the forest critters are prepared for winter. Using his excellent carpenter skills to make sure nests and burrows are ready for the coming winter. He also will add special treats to their winter stores. Once all his work is done, he gathers small twigs for his favorite winter pastime, winter whittling. Come Spring his creations are coveted by all. They come from far and wide to Spring Fling in hopes of returning home with a treasure from Charlie!

Autumn, oh sweet Autumn! So happy to see you! I am so fond of this time of year. the colors, the crisp air and pumpkin baked goods. YUM! Once again it's polymer clay, assisted and inspired by the wee folk who are constant companions of mine, lucky me!

Cheers, Cyn

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September Full Moon #4

Oh, what another meandering installment!

I was first inspired more than a month ago with Kathy’s prompt of Spot H – what does H mean?  I settled on Harvest.  Started to think of fruits, vegetables, and the recipes I was using for plums, pears, apples, tomatoes. I almost posted in spot H a great recipe for a Rustic Plum Cake, but you wouldn’t have been able to read it, and only Beth would get it anyway!  

I thought of an illuminated letter H, but realized that my flourishing skills (as well as picturing skills) would not be adequate.  I was also inspired by a teeny, tiny piece of flotsam on the living room floor.  It was riding on a small, dried, brown maple seed that had been tracked in, and it was a little piece of very shiny, coppery-red tinsel.  It took me SEVERAL days to realize it was from a cat toy!  But in the meantime, I had decided that the color and the shine needed to be part of the (as it turned out, not-to-be) illuminated letter, so I purchased some copper acrylic ink.

Then, with the colors of the tinsel and Harvest in mind, I headed for my photographs.  I found a picture that I took last Fall of nandina leaves on our deck –in my mind a perfect fit.  I fussed over whether it should be a soft, fuzzy print on watercolor paper, or a high quality print.  I settled for high quality on my favorite paper:  Canon Matte Photo Paper.  Then I decided to make it pop a little with the copper acrylic ink that I KNEW I was going to use somehow.  Then I had to buy a couple more colors and use them!.  In the end, the whole thing needed a bit of softening, gussying-up, and dimension, so I added a strand of peridot chips on the bottom.

I’m hoping that the gardener Beth will like an
embellished photo of nandinas in the Fall!

Nancy Strahle

September Full Moon #3

September Altar Project

My project this month goes to Lou!  The moon is known as the harvest moon this month but I have been thinking of it as the “salmon running” month. Harvest moon makes perfect sense for most of the world as they are not lucky enough to live in an area where the salmon return at this time of the year to spawn.  Here in the NW it is definitely a salmon spawning time!

About 2 weeks ago I was out on my deck late in the evening when it was very still and quiet.  I could hear a slapping and plopping sound all along our bank.  It was loud enough that I called Peter to ask him what was out there.  He too could hear it and we decided that it must be the fish jumping as they headed back to spawn in their river of origin.  The next morning one could see dozens of fish jumping and slapping the water.  It was amazing and fun to watch.  And while it still is happening it is not with the intensity that I experienced two weeks ago.

With sorting and cleaning out all of my PO I have had ideas streaming through my head.  But the fish were the deciding factor.  I found some small  “fribbles” (fabric swatches that measure 2.5 “ by 5”) that had beautiful metallic fish on them.  And my idea took off.  The fabric was too small for the space so I had to combine two of them.  I hand quilted around the fish to give them some definition.  Then to cover the join of the two pieces I used some the prickly pear cactus webbing that I use for jewelry.  To me it looked like seaweed or sea grass.  To frame the piece and cover all my messy stitches I found some of the salmon fish leather I had collected when we lived in Juneau, Alaska (25 years ago!).  The leather was a little hard to stitch through by hand but I think it makes a nice frame.

So I hope Lou likes it and it fits into her Altar as a NW inspired piece! 

September Full Moon #2

I have always enjoyed the organic nature of plants and animals.  The unique patterns, textures and shapes that they have are of particular interest.  My September installation started with a pod.  I made a mold of the pod and then I mixed up very fine cement and poured it into the mold.  While the cement was curing I started searching through my papers for something that said “use me please”!  Found some beautiful muted gray paper with flocked black circles and I adored it!  I cut a piece of mat black paper to the size of the space.  I wanted dimension as well.  Hmmmm, what to use to add volume without weight.  No popsicle sticks or balsa wood in sight.  HA – wooden chopsticks!!!  Hot glued a broken piece to the black paper and then hot glued my beautiful grey and black paper to that.  The color scheme was chosen!

Being a metalsmith who has had no time at the bench all summer except for these projects, it had to have a piece of metal!  I folded copper mesh sheet into an accordion and hot glued that down. 

Once the cement pod was cured I used two different types of paint to give it the colors I wanted so it would match the overall color scheme of the space.  I used Golden fluid acrylics in Iridescent Stainless Steel which is a coarse paint and for highlighting the ridges I used the same brand in Bone Black.   Once the paint was dry I glued on three iridescent half drilled peacock pearls.  I love how the round pearls carry forward the black flocked dots.  Last, but not least, I hot glued the cement pod to the copper.

I love how dimensional it is.  I wish the pictures could show how the paint on the cement pod glistens from different angles.

I actually think that I would love to make this type of project again on a larger scale and frame it as art!  =)

Lynn H – I hope enjoy your altar installation!!!

Warm Regards Ladies!!!

Lynn V

September Full Moon #1

This month's little scene is going to Lynn V.  This month I wanted to pay homage to our dear cat and dog companions.  If you don't have a dog or cat I'm sure you know someone who does and they love them dearly (I know I do for sure)!  These little ones are playing together and running through a beautiful meadow.  It's a warm early fall afternoon and the sun is shining brightly with a few puffy white clouds in the sky.  They've been playing all day and are thinking about a cool drink of water and a little nap before they take off again on a new adventure. I hope you all have a fabulous Sept. Love, Lou

September Full Moon

Come a little bit closer
Hear what I have to say
Just like children sleepin'
We could dream this night away

But there's a full moon risin'
Let's go dancin' in the light
We know where the music's playin'
Let's go out and feel the night

Because I'm still in love with you
I wanna see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon

What is it about the September Moon that is so inspiring?
 Is it our knowledge  that another summer has rushed past and now  begins the longer nights and cooler weather. Or are we  feeling the deep pull of our ancestors pull to harvest and fill our nests with all the creature comforts we need and beyond to make it through the dark cold unknown months ahead.
 I sat and pondered,  Why are  so many major celebrations held at this time of year ? 

Are they to ease our journey around the wheel of each year into the  dark?

 Or to give us the time to reflect and renew what worked well for us earlier this year and to discard what no longer serves us?

 WWhat say YOU???

 Blessing's of a bountiful Autumn to you and yours and Keep on making Art!! May all your harvest dreams bear fruit . Just get out there and DO whatever warms the cockles of your "pea-picking heart"

 Cheers,    Peg 

Friday, September 06, 2013


Hello Ladies
I think that life influenced my project this month for sure!  I wanted to try working with paper cement clay which has a very heavy texture that I like.  I created a cloud with a little pocket for the hand carved bone moon to rest in.  I love the face on this moon because it is so peaceful…..serenity is so important in my life right now.  More on the paper cement.  It has this beautiful grey and white bulk to it.  Originally I tried to paint it thinking I would layer on the colors to create what already existed but in a more refined way.  I started on the back – thank goodness – because I HATED the fact that the paint literally covered up the texture!  I decided that the colors were perfect but needed just a little bit of mica powder to add a shimmer.  I used a touch of lacquer to make sure it adhered which darkened my cloud just a little.  Given our weather this week it seemed appropriate for it to be a storm cloud.  I truly love thunder and lightning storms.  Paradoxically, I hate rain!  I can handle short lived torrential down pours but hate the drizzle and general grey days of rain we experience.  HOWEVER, I do so love the greenery it produces and the sound of running water in rivers and streams.

For the background I used one of the beautiful papers that Peg sent me and added sparkling gold star brads to finish off my night sky with full moon!  As so often the moon is seen between clouds here I think it is appropriate to have it partially covered.

Many blessings!!

Lynn Vernon

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

August FULL MOON #9

I have been gathering Madonna statues, religious icons, pictures of Saints and angels and even dashboard Marys for quite some time and I am the least religious person you could ever meet! For some unknown reason they have been calling to me and I decided to use those images in this month's altar.

The image is from a tiny (2x3 inch) book on angels. I cut her out, removing her wings because I wanted her to be the Saint of Art.
 I made her halo out of a vintage watch face and used 1/4 inch foam sticky tabs to raise the image up off the background paper.
 I like the shadows and depth this gives it.
 I added some gold and purple sparkle to her neckline, because even Saints like their bits of glitter!!
 Mini scrabble tiles for the word ART- and her finger pointing at it just in case you didn't get it.
 She's my kind of Saintly figure...Beth

Monday, September 02, 2013


Back from vacation and wanted to catch up on my inspiration for the August Moon and forward some photos.  Box G for August - Litters Alters was for Peg. And what better way to celebrate Peg than with a crown for the "Queen of Possibilities".

Thought of using these crystals from Egypt that I purchased many years ago at a Tacoma bead store. And decided to only use the round one's on the end of the copper chain.

I used copper wire to make the crown frame, then I thought adding the copper mesh for the background would add dimensions. Cutting several points into the mesh wire, I added pearls to the tops and strung vintage Czechoslovakia seed beads in-between. Remember these, Peg? Way cool, love them.

Using a small fused glass piece from the class I took earlier in the year, it became my focal point in front. What better way to adorn the Crown than with Pearls & Peridot (August birthstone) beads. So I chose different points to add sparkle.

Then came the hard challenge of the background. Had to have the royal color, so I used a pearl lavender paint over the card stock. When you look at it you'll see the pearl essence come out. To make sure the crown would be sturdy enough to hold it's weight, I used copper wire and made a box G shape and wired it across in several spots; then wired in the crown. 

Hope it doesn't interfere with the (2 F spots). 

Check out my sunflowers! Going full tilt in the south side of our house.  Sorry the kale was eaten by some green worm, tried to save them, but it was too late.

Warm regards,

Kimberly Kostal
Lazy K