Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer of Dragons

The last few nights as dusk fell I had given up my plan to gaze at the ripening  July moon. Cloudy days followed by even thicker cloudy evenings had been the norm the previous week. Tonight was the full moon, I had taken the time to meditate and journey  in the summer house on this full moon night and imagine seeing Grandmother Moon in her full glory on a clear star filled sky. 
I found images of flying dragons slipping in my journey, gliding by outlined by moon light then completely blocking out the light leaving only the gleam of fire in their eyes before seeing the moon appear again.

I finished my ritual, glanced at the darkening sky and was rewarded to see a bit if blue and gold as sunset began.  Maybe just maybe I would be able to see the moon tonight.
Returning to the house, my potted garden plants cried for watering, cats required cuddling and days end chores began. 

The dusk gathered thickly and so did our clouds, perhaps tomorrow  I thought.
Time for bed and I did not give the moon another thought until I started to close the curtains before turning on the lamp beside my bed. I looked out the windows into the night sky between the cedars to see if there was even a glow in the cloud cover. 

To my amazement the clouds had formed a very distinct dragon profile with an eye shape and a a half circle of the moon formed the eyeball. There was also a rainbow at the top of the dragon head. 

I closed my eyes , rubbed them, looked again. It was still there. I walked into the next room and looked out that window in case I was seeing a smudged spot in the window glass. No same I brought in the big guy to check it out. He saw the dragon eye as well. Yippee I was delighted. Went back to the first window to see the clouds slowly cover her beautiful light as if to say good night. 
Moonlight and dragons forever in my  Summer full moon memories.
Peg 7/19/16