Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Adventures of Isabella Martine Sawyer

All of the stools presented a challenge to each artist and each of them was as different as the stools themselves. Isabella can into the project complete with a name and her history. She was created by a blacksmith for a California wine tasting room but her roots are in Argentina. She was the largest of the stools and rested gracefully at our beginning meeting. Her story became one of the adventures that happen to a piece of furniture through out it's life time and what it would tell you if it could talk.

The back and seat are leather and were painted a lovely deep wine color, a grapevine crept across the back and unfurled lovely copper leavesOnce a beautiful lady rested on Isabella enjoying a glass a wine and met an interesting gentleman. They left for a sunlight stroll thru the vineyard leaving behind her sunhat slippers and his incredible beaded walking stick. So besotted with each other the items left behind where never thought of again until years later when they were sitting in the sun warming their old bones and remembering the glorious beginning of their chance meeting so many years ago.

The slippers just knocked my socks off when the stools were reveled at the end of the project. Our Miss Joey created them from egg cartons,wire and tin . Miss Janice created the famous Cabernet Dragonfly who winged it's way to the state of Washington carrying our Miss Isabella and all of her treasures A regal wine glass clustered with beautiful faux grapes reminds you to take time to relax and enjoy those moments we are each given each day to reflect the beauty and joy of living. This message was brought home vividly to all of us in the project.
Cindy Bower was the spark that started the creative fire for this project. We met agreed on guidelines and began. I was so looking forward to getting to know her I had observed her bead work for several years at shows and was excited to finally get to know her. But life had other plans and she unexpectedly passed away several months into our project.
So take those moments watch the birds, smell that flower, tell someone you admire hello share a cup of something with a friend. Each day is precious and so are you. More later....

Just Ducky

No modeling is complete until you have a head shot and a great rear shot.
Our Duck became a cross between The Queen Mum and rock star meets glam queen.
Please notice the fine sprouting of a collection of Kitty whiskers sprouting from the seed beaded beak. One must keep up appearances and plump-up to movie star style bill. Thin bills are so passe' and with the addition of the punk style whiskers this duck is Iggie. ( Note to you ((the whiskers are from a collection of our dear Joey who never throws out anything that can perhaps be turned into art)) the whiskers are from the cats in the home of this fowl stool and sort of coming together of the species and of course to ward off evil imps lurking about hiding one's house keys or bus pass.)
The high plumes of brightly colored feathers add a saucy touch and complete the rear shot with a resounding TA_DA this Duck has arrived. On the red carpet ready to walk the strutting gait required of such a long legged and may i add 4 legged as well beauty. And at the same time a zen pool of calm resides right smack dab in the middle of this timeless beauty allowing her to remain confidante and cool.
Rock on Ducky