Thursday, April 30, 2009

Future blog posts

More homework for Blog Triage Class. 20 subjects for blog posts really set my mind to tilt a whirl time but here goes
Favorite new Art supplies
a. Resin
b. Bronzclay
c. patinas with paint
e .silkcreens and fabric
f. molding objects
g. pmc paper
h pmc and enamel
i texture plates
Current projects that keep me creative
j. knitting
k. crochet

l. fused glass
m. PMC
n. Wire working
o. felting
p. bead embroidery
q. beads stringing
r. Resinss.vintage collage

Paper pods and weaving,
resin collage
mosaic with vintage pieces
resin molds

Reviews of my favorite new books and music
Beads swaps


I supply some ingredients you supply your design and we vote for our favorite

Collaborative work ..projects I have completed with other artist

FAQ's from Shows

FAQs from classes

Vintage Delights

Interesting places to visit off the beaten trail

Dear Reader that is just the beginning of my list,

This was a daunting task before I began it but it has gathered speed as I start to write down ideas and now it is beginning to have a life of it's own. can't wait to see where this road will led me down.. Hang on it going to be a fun ride

Luscious Vintage Crystals

From the moment I first can remember my life I was enchanted by the sparkle of crystal. I loved the old black & white movies with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dressed for a night out.
He in Tails and she in a filmy gown complete with sparkling jewelry.
The sparkle and gleam has caused me to surrender more money over the past 15 years that I every dare admit.
I began collecting vintage crystals about 12 years ago and had stashed them away for future projects or for petting and drooling, not necessarily in that order.
When one day I began to notice the crystals had taken over an entire corner of the room ,then they slowly began to creep out and to take up more and more space. In a attempt at order and placing them in containers.
First I began to place them on an excel spread sheet. Unfortunately after 3 weeks I realized I was lost in simply gazing at them playing with colors and getting lost in the glitter. I called my daughter (the engineer) in a moment of sanity and pleaded for some assistance.
On a quiet weekend we managed to alphabetize them by color then each color by size, type, shape and cost, From there I created sample boards and photographed each piece. The first photo is one of my sample boards
This was a labor of love as the crystals are very hard to phototgraph. The lens does not know where to focus (Ha ha so it isn't just me) They look the best when captured at just before dusk outside. I found out there is a window of about 45 minutes where the light is perfect. It was a race and took many nights.
Then I put them up for sale.
Turns out I had 96 different kinds of crystals!!!!!!
These are Swarovski crystals dating from the late 1890s to 1950's. They are in sizes, colors and shapes which are retired. I found them all over the world. They will be out at my next show at Art & Soul in Portland this October.

Here are several pairs of earrings I created from my collection. If you would like to see more you can check them out on my website

Monday, April 27, 2009

Creative Spirits Weekend

Remarkable is the only way to describe our weekend retreat. Fourteen of us gathered at Kathy’s home on the island. Large quantities of food was carried in by each guest as well as bottle after bottle of wine. The mound was sumptuous and yummy odors wafted enticingly throughout the spacious kitchen.
Peter was the most delightful host moving among each gathering offering more wine or a snappy bit of conversation, building a cheery fire in a small pit so we could enjoy a sea and stars and a sip of our favorite beverage
Sleeping bags and fat foam mats were stowed away along with our clothing for the next day. Kathy opened up her studio for us to work in. Many tables were lined up while a handy wheelbarrow ferried the project supplies. Kiln and accouterments made an appearance and were place ready for action.
Oh you should have seen the collections of storage boxes, tiny to large filled with each artists ideas of what they could not do with out to create this weekend. There were clay supplies, beautiful papers, clever paper punches, knitting projects, gems and jewels, copper, silver and a new bronze wire.

Each place at each table had a clever paper bag filled with treats to welcome us. Kim brought her wire coiling machine and shared her bracelet design, Kathy taught us Viking knit wire weaving. I shared tips on Mold making as Kathy’s home had the most unique cabinet knobs. We made a mold of our shell findings at the beach, which translated beautifully into PMC silver.
We combed the beach for inspiration, then drove around drinking in the atmosphere of island life. Then returned refreshed to work and learn from each other.
I wish you could have been there it was so much fun.
Sunday morning
we were greeted by the fresh aroma of baking sweet rolls and coffee.
What a special group of artists who are also clever and excellent cooks. A yummy breakfast and loads of conversation readied us for a shot of creative fervor. You should have seen the ideas and possibilities flying through that room. Out of the chaos, beautiful work was revealed by each artist.
We even had a weekend visit from Flat Stanley who is traveling through our fair state and being photographed in all the hot spots before being returned to his creator
Then a yummy lunch and we finished firing our creations and then … (sniff sniff tears and sadness) it was time to return to our own lives and close this magical island weekend
I wish you could have been there.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home work

I am engaged in a new 4 week class called Blog Triage Maintaining a Healthy Artist Blog.

This class is taught by Alyson B Stanfield

and Cynthia Morris These two are masters at the art of blogging and maintaining momentum to keep things interesting.

We are to describe the types of folks who we would like to visit and read our blogs.

I pondered for several hours making lists and here is what I came up with

Artists or Artistically inclined,

Computer savvy all ages,

loves hand crafted art,


has a unique style,


collector of beautiful things

loves stories and a glimpse into a fellow life traveler,




enjoys making new friends


Earthy and warm


I am sure I will be adding to this list as my brain kicks in with more ideas but for now the second half of the assignment is what I want from blogging

I want to express my self thru writing for the journey of art to me is as much about daily events as well as the finished art piece. I enjoy telling stories and think that we all learn from each others experiences. I am an observer of life and the every miracles that occur under our very noses are often passed by in our haste to tackle the new todo on our endless lists of daily life.

I also feel that writing keeps my brain exercised and at peak performance. I do not intend to move into the rest of my life complaining that I am too old to learn something new, I have other friends who have simply refused to step up to new technology and are letting the world simply pass them by. I am going to fill my brain with every new idea I can and call on my children to help me make the step up when things are a bit out of reach.

I want a connect to other people in the world and to share my point of view and hear their comments. This helps all of us to grow and learn. I want my art to find homes in kindred spirits. I want to sell my art so I continue to produce my art. I am in love with my life and the wondrous experiences art has lured me into. I hope to lure you into my experiences and you will enjoy my blog as much I enjoy writing it

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Making Changes

Many changes have occured for me in the past year and one of them i moving from having a business partner to just being in business with myself. I want the website to reflect who I am today and what I am all about so I am Sharing my new opening page and logo with you all for a sneak peek
Welcome to Peg’s getting another Wild Hair Studio,

Her new Logo is her comic self drawn by her talented daughter Gwen.
She choose Poppies to represent her artistic life. To her they bring a giggle of delight at the wonder of the garden’s lovely gift, you know… that lovely pop of color that is intense and fragile while it warms you from the inside out an unexpected surprise on a regular day in your life.
Wild Hair Studio is a lovely place full of sparkle and treasures to create with or to find that perfect piece of wearable art to complete an outfit or symbolize a special occasion.

Peg is curious about how things work and spends many hours creating, testing and finally completing unique and endearing art. Each piece has a story and fills her head with dreams and characters that help form the ideas for her wearable art.

She is influenced by Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Architecture, great books, her garden, fairies, and faces, lovely faces, old faces, young faces, did I mention faces???
Music of all sorts such as the Blues, Rock & Roll , Belly dance and her darling delightful husband and their children,

Art supplies have always held a place of honor in her home. Hours have spun by unnoticed when she is in creation mode . The ideas come as dreams or as visions during her favorite time of morning in the bath.
Some ideas have to be captured as quickly as they arrive less they escape.

Other ideas grow from the materials speaking loudly to Peg and demanding to be obeyed. Some ideas arrive accidently by the chance meeting of several beads and silver ending up in a pleasing manner which sets off a whole new chain of events.

She is surrounded by a plethora of supplies collected and lovingly stashed from all over the world. Imagine rich bronze pearls, kiln worked glass, luscious crystals in a rainbow of colors precious metals sterling silver, gold, copper, fine silver in wire and charms and hand wrought pendants, semi precious beads, ruby, lapis, amber, & coral, to name just a few, from which she creates her one of a kind wearable art.

Her pieces are for the person who wants to stand out in a crowd and not look like one of the herd. They are for the bold confidant woman who dances to her own beat.
For the woman who hears the art speak to her so she can to tell her own story

Her bracelet kits are for those who wish to create themselves. The designs are from herself and a collective group of artists . The kits are complete and ready to party. Order up several and invite your favorite girlfriends to a bead gathering.

So take some time and wander through Peg’s getting another wild hair experience.

For it’s not about having wild hair but getting one….wink wink