Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting ready for FaerieConWest

Onward and forward. I have been working on many different projects getting ready for my visit to FaerieConWest Feb 21 thru 23,2014. If you are in Seattle Stop by for a time you will never forget. The conference is being held at the SEA/TAC DoubleTree Inn. And look for me in my Peg's  Wild Hair Studio Booth Check out the Gemstone FAerie wands!!!

 As you may or may not know I and a shaman and have been working in spiritual or "whoo-whoo" arenas for 37 years, I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers and learned so many things that help me do the  work this life has for me. I an a healer,teacher,artist and guide for those who have passed over as well as for those who are working out their own life's stories and mysteries.
 One area of which i have been abundantly been blessed in is seining and communicating with the Fae. It has taken me a long time to understand that not every could see what I see. That the world is filled with magic of the most simple everyday delights that we simply take for granted.
I met my husband when in a class of metaphysical nature and together we created a sanctuary and place of healing and ceremony. We have held,attended and led many many ceremonies and rituals, celebrating our journey in life,death and more.  This place I call Misty Valley  is home for many of the Fae and I have be blessed with the pleasure of not only seeing them but channeling their wisdom and knowledge.

For many years I keep this hidden and tried to ignore it and you can see how well that has worked. So in my own wisdom I have decided to embrace it fully and just enjoy the ride. Following my own muses and presenting it to the world. I have created some( if I do say so myself) delightful items that you use to play with the faeries.
 Here is  the description of

Faerie Dust

It started with 99 roses from the Misty Valley.. Each rose was Crystallized and blessed by Gwen and I beginning last summer. The roses were dried and packed away waiting. Other ingredients were stock piled as the faeries whispered in my ear along with the message of patience.

The best things take time to create. No hurry, no worry, all will come together at the right moment.

Created as an offering to gift back to the Fae, redolent with the fragrances of sun, rain and cozy snow mornings memories, It is created from all the joy and laughter, tears and healing all packed into a year.

At last the fairies returned to inform me the time was NOW!! The timing was just right.  Everything was gathered and ready to mix and blend.
It starts with 99 roses.
Each ingredient hand gathered, blessed with laughter, carefully preserved while waiting to be assembled.
Hand blended ready to sprinkle where faeries gather or offered in a small dish on your faerie altar.
This blend is my way of saying Thank you for making me aware of the magic of life of everyday.
For noticing tiny miracles** as this is the life work of the Fae kingdom a new blossom, bird song, a wee giggle, cloud pictures and more. For all these are the all gifts...special reminders from the faeries.
Live and enjoy the little moments now. Celebrate the child waiting to just play inside your heart.

Each Faerie Dust bottle contains all natural ingredients ,sparkling bits and  4 tiny gemstones.
Turquoise+++ for the direction of east and the element of air.
Smoky Quartz ++++for the direction of south and the element of fire
Red coral ++++for the direction of west and the element of water
Peridot++++ for the direction of north and the element of earth.

 Like all of us the fae love to be acknowledged and appreciate little gifts or offerings.
Getting a glimpse of the faerie kingdom is indeed a blessing and when you take the time each day  to stop and be in the present moment,
The Fae  will help open your eyes to the tiny miracles of everyday life.
As you experience this magical wonder you can use your Faerie Dust to thank them.
Enjoy and look for more Faerie Stories, blessings and meditations
On my blog….

Peg Gyldenege 2014