Friday, December 05, 2014

December's Full Moon & a Fragrant Recipe

I always like to experience something new on the Full moon each month and as this is the final moon for the year 2014 and winter is soon upon us bringing different changes and challeneges to our daily life I thought I would offer up this excellent scentful recipe.

 According to my research there were 4 or 5 (depending on the source info on the net )Thieves who decided they would help themselves to other peoples belongings at the height of the "plague" This group of essential oils was mixed then diluted in  a base oil for them to apply to their bodies and it prevented them from catching the big bad plague germs.

 There was also an added bonus to this mixture it smells divine. I found the recipe at Mountain Rose"s blog. In case you are not aware they have a amazing collection of herbs,spices essential oils and more in a wonderful online store and you can purchase the EO's to create your own 4 Thieves oil blend to help clean , heal and brighten up your home.

 This is directly from their blog and here is the store address
Mix all essential oils together in a dark glass bottle.


This essential oil blend is very strong and must be diluted!  The essential oil content should only account for 1 to 2% of the total formula. This means that up to 6-12 drops of essential oil can be added per 1 oz of carrier oil or other menstruum.  For more information about diluting essential oils, please refer to our Dilutions & Conversions Guide
There are many ways that you can use the blend, here are some of the most common applications:
– To sanitize and purify the air in your home or workplace, place 2-3 drops of the essential oil blend in a diffuser, nebulizer, or in a pot of simmering water on the stove.  Diffuse for approximately 20-30 minutes.  This is especially beneficial if someone in your home or workplace is sick.
– Make an antibacterial all-purpose spray for cleaning and disinfecting your home or workplace.  This is perfect for office spaces and shared areas! Fill a spray bottle with water and add the essential oil blend at a 1-2 % dilution rate.  Spray on counter tops, desks, and on other surfaces.  Make sure to shake before using as the oil and water will naturally separate.
– Use a 1-2% dilution rate of the essential oil blend in a base of water or alcohol, and spray onto insect bites, poison oak, and poison ivy rashes to help reduce inflammation, itching, and irritation.
– Mix the essential oil blend at a 1-2% dilution rate with organic Jojoba or Olive oil.  Use as a massage oil for sore muscles, the lower back, neck, and feet.  It can also be dabbed on skin throughout the day for general cold and flu prevention and immune support.
– When congested, mix a 1-2% dilution rate of the essential oil blend with organic Jojoba or Olive oil, and rub under the nose or on the chest. Or, place 1-2 drops in a bowl of hot, steaming water and inhale the vapors under a towel to relieve congestion.

You can also make your own thieves hand soap or an infused vinegar
Happy Full Moon

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Working with Pendulums

 Using your own Magical tools are important they need not be expensive or trendy, but they must make your heart and soul feel as a unit working toward your goal.

Being and feeling comfortable with your self is the most important and the fact that this is your time to interact with the Universe, God, Goddess, Great Spirit whoever you are in tune with. Your open heart and willingness to do the spiritual work at hand is all that is required. All the rest is window dressing. My rituals are meant to bring you closer to your guides, teachers and faerie beings in order to help you move along your path experiencing, living and enjoying this life you have right here right now. The Fae have brought me great joy and connection to Mother Earth and my ability to do my work  with helping, healing ,blessing, passing on messages and more to my fellow travelers.

I have spent countless hours reading hundreds of books, in class, in ritual, in practice, with many different spiritual practices and dogmas. I am writing a series of blogs in how to work with some simple tools to help guide you in making decisions.

A basic pendulum is defined as 
:  a body suspended from a fixed point so as to swing freely to and fro under the action of gravity and commonly used to regulate movements (as of clockwork)
This was one of my first, cherry word from pruning.eye screw and twine. I carried in my pocket and asked many many questions in learning what,where,how and why I liked it as a tool and what were the best ways to use it on a daily basis. Somethings I learned the hard way and in the process learned to try myself.

  •  Made a simple chart with Yes written on one side and No on the other.
  •  Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand between your thumb and first finger while resting your elbow on the table to remain steady.
  •  Hold it over yes and ask show me your signal for Yes.
  •  Make note is it going in a circle or is it moving back and forth or side to side? 
  •  Then move over to the other side and ask the same of No.
  • Practice is very important and do it as often as possible.
  •  Pendulums are meant for questions asked with a yes or no answer. SIMPLE questions.
  •  This is not a computer  and the answers you get  are based on the factors in place at moment and time of your inquiry.
  •  Free will plays into long term questions and answers will vary according the all factors.
  •  Practice is your friend and  the more comfortable you are the better.
  •  Here are a couple of exercises to increase your skill make a more complex chart

Sometimes I get an answer I don't want so my rule is ask the same question 3 times.
 In this chart I added 2 extra sections
 Not Now means back off you are getting a head of your self and  so try asking again in a day or two 
 Hell No means ABORT Find a new way  but do not attempt to force your way into or through this. 
 This one I have pushed the envelope one too many times and ended up having to do more clean up than  had I simply listened to this advice.
 Being human means many of you will test this to the limit and I will add..... keep a roll of paper towels, moist wipes,aspirin and garbage bags in your car. you can thank me later.

When you bring in your daily mail turn the envelopes over before looking and use your pendulum to practice for accuracy. Is this a request for money?
Is this good news? Is this dumb junk?
Does this have a coupon for free Pizza?
 in pencil note your answer then see what your accuracy rate was.

 If you have know food allergies hold your pendulum over the allergy food and 
see what reaction you get?
 Is it yes or no or do you get entirely new formation shape?

 Try it  on products you use in your home. Most of all make it fun and enjoyable. I have owned several different pendulums in my life and they each produce different signals for Yes and No, I learned always to test then out when I use them especially when I haven't used it in a while. I have even had some that would not move for anything in my hands but did the huchi kuchi dance for someone else..
 Let me know how you are doing and send me photos of your pendulum 

 Cheers Peg

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Faerie Pendulum adventures

As Autumn moves into winter I was reminded in my morning meditations of ways to physically see energy lines and changes in our little neck of the woods. The Fae use  doorways between the worlds. From our own homes and gardens as well as in our local parks, parking lots, bus stops and more. 
One way to see energy changes is by using a pendulum.  You can create a pendulum from anything. 
Here is one I created from pruning in my yard. 
Create a pendulum and hold it in your dominate hand. To begin rest your elbow on the table and ask it to show you the movement for Yes Make a note. Ask it to show you the movement for No. Make a note. 
To check for different energy signals around your home. Get centered and walk to different areas. Stand quietly and hold your pendulum out and see if it hangs limply, or moves. If you get movement note what kind. Circle, back and forth, wild gyrations???
Then try it out side. See how things vary and how does your body respond as well. Do you feel cold, hot, buzzy  or get a feeling in the pit of your stomach. If you feel wary or unsafe. Move on now. 
Let's take a week and observe and feel. Use a small notebook to track your progress. Then let's post and see how everyone is doing. and if you discovered the different energy places around you. Think of it as dowsing for water as they did in the old days.

 My readings were off the charts at this place, wild gyrations simple lazy circles and dead stop no movement. The dead stop made me feel not safe in the pit of my stomach and I quickly moved on, at another of these spots I did not listen and fell flat on my fanny a few steps away. Alright I growled I get it not the place for me.
 Some places wereeven soothing and I spent a wee bit of time soaking up the peacefulness. A couple made me giggle??
 Tell me about your experiences

Monday, April 28, 2014

May Poles and Celebrations

Celebrating May Day with the Fae
The dancing of the May Pole is a very very old pagan tradition and a way to celebrate Beltane. It is the celebration of the  fertility  and growth of this season, the lush greenery of the beginnings of gardens and growth as week as our days getting longer and our nights shorter. 
The May Pole dance was a way of bringing together new relationships and weaving wishes and hopes for the summer and beyond. 
The  chosen trees were honored and  the  tree spirit or Dryad was celebrated as a honored guest. 
Hawthorn trees play a magical role in May Day.  They are know as the heart tree.
They were traditionally protected as they were guardians to the doors of faerie kingdom. Their flowers and leaves were and still are used for healing and flavoring food and drink. 
Folks made wishes and tied ribbons on the branches to ensure their success in the summer season.  It is considered lucky to wear a small branch part pinned to your clothing on May Day. You must ask for a branch or collect it from a windfall as the Hawthorn tree is protected by the faerie folk and do not like those who are disrespectful. 
Spirals are also very important on May Day and marketing faerie wishes while walking or dancing in a spiral is a powerful and fun way to celebrate this magical time of year. Use to to bring new love or strengthen  and freshen the love you all ready have in your life. Nothing brings more inner peace and happiness than being grateful and joyful of all you are and the blessings  that fill your life.

So cut a dozen ribbons and make a wish for each 3 for your self,3 for the world, 3 for your family ( your blood or your chosen ) and 3 for the faeries.  Take your ribbons outside and tie them to the trees of your choice and dance or walk in a spiral as your make your wish and give thanks. 
A spiral show start in the middle and expand out just as your wish is expanding out into the world.. As you reach the end stamp your feet or clap and finish with Blessed Be!

 To celebrate  create small fresh flower crowns for your hair. Simple flowers and leaves woven together  in a circle are great. I have used old wire shaped in a circlet to fit my head and the woven and looped daisy mums from the grocery store and added leaves from my garden. Be creative. Or simply tuck a flower behind your ear. 

For your maypole  invite a few friends  or family over (even numbers please.)  make wishes and weave and dance the ribbons around  in a over under pattern tying off with another ribbon when you have reached the end.. I always like leaving tails to flutter in the wind. I leave my maypole up till June to remind me of my hopes and reams and blessings of this time of year.

I also add tiny bells to the ribbon tails at the top of the maypole to call to the faeries as they love the sound of tiny jingle bells

To create your own May Pole

Dowl rod 3/4" diameter  26" length
10 ribbons 3/4" nylon chiffon 2xlength of May pole
 Cut an even number for weaving 
I choose to cut 10
May pole basic assembly 
I am making a small MayPole for the Fae. I used a 3/4" diameter wooden dowel rod cut to 26" in length
3/4" nylock nut for the top of the pole to finish and hold the ribbons in place. 
I used 10  3/8" nylon chiffon ribbon. I choose rainbow or Chakra colors. You need an even number of ribbons. I cut them 2 times the length of the pole. Tied a knot at about 3/4 of the length this gives you a tassel for the top of the pole. 
Taper the dowel with a file or whittle a bit off with a sharp knife so  the nylock nut slides on easily. Feed the knot and tassel end of the ribbon thru the nut, then arrange the 10 ribbons evenly around the dowel before tightening down. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

3x2 Redoux

Hello Friends
I had the extreme pleasure and terror of creating a piece for the 3x2 project. It  is a collaboration of  metalsmiths and a glass bead artists to create a piece inspired by each others work.
 It is called 3x2 as each team creates 3 pieces of the same design. It began in November of last year when we all were paired up by names drawn out of a hat.
 I have had the delightful pleasure of working with the talented glass artist Leslie Goldstein from Olympia.
 These pieces will be on display for a very short time at Facere In Downtown Seattle. Our piece is the last piece on the bottom right.

   April 16- Opening and lecture at Facere -  4pm, and the Reception from 5-6:30PM   

   May 10  - The Show will be packed and mailed to England.
         - Fisherton Mill - Salisbury, England 
        Then on to
 Contemporary Craft Museum, Portland, Oregon  
Cheers Peg

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting ready for FaerieConWest

Onward and forward. I have been working on many different projects getting ready for my visit to FaerieConWest Feb 21 thru 23,2014. If you are in Seattle Stop by for a time you will never forget. The conference is being held at the SEA/TAC DoubleTree Inn. And look for me in my Peg's  Wild Hair Studio Booth Check out the Gemstone FAerie wands!!!

 As you may or may not know I and a shaman and have been working in spiritual or "whoo-whoo" arenas for 37 years, I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers and learned so many things that help me do the  work this life has for me. I an a healer,teacher,artist and guide for those who have passed over as well as for those who are working out their own life's stories and mysteries.
 One area of which i have been abundantly been blessed in is seining and communicating with the Fae. It has taken me a long time to understand that not every could see what I see. That the world is filled with magic of the most simple everyday delights that we simply take for granted.
I met my husband when in a class of metaphysical nature and together we created a sanctuary and place of healing and ceremony. We have held,attended and led many many ceremonies and rituals, celebrating our journey in life,death and more.  This place I call Misty Valley  is home for many of the Fae and I have be blessed with the pleasure of not only seeing them but channeling their wisdom and knowledge.

For many years I keep this hidden and tried to ignore it and you can see how well that has worked. So in my own wisdom I have decided to embrace it fully and just enjoy the ride. Following my own muses and presenting it to the world. I have created some( if I do say so myself) delightful items that you use to play with the faeries.
 Here is  the description of

Faerie Dust

It started with 99 roses from the Misty Valley.. Each rose was Crystallized and blessed by Gwen and I beginning last summer. The roses were dried and packed away waiting. Other ingredients were stock piled as the faeries whispered in my ear along with the message of patience.

The best things take time to create. No hurry, no worry, all will come together at the right moment.

Created as an offering to gift back to the Fae, redolent with the fragrances of sun, rain and cozy snow mornings memories, It is created from all the joy and laughter, tears and healing all packed into a year.

At last the fairies returned to inform me the time was NOW!! The timing was just right.  Everything was gathered and ready to mix and blend.
It starts with 99 roses.
Each ingredient hand gathered, blessed with laughter, carefully preserved while waiting to be assembled.
Hand blended ready to sprinkle where faeries gather or offered in a small dish on your faerie altar.
This blend is my way of saying Thank you for making me aware of the magic of life of everyday.
For noticing tiny miracles** as this is the life work of the Fae kingdom a new blossom, bird song, a wee giggle, cloud pictures and more. For all these are the all gifts...special reminders from the faeries.
Live and enjoy the little moments now. Celebrate the child waiting to just play inside your heart.

Each Faerie Dust bottle contains all natural ingredients ,sparkling bits and  4 tiny gemstones.
Turquoise+++ for the direction of east and the element of air.
Smoky Quartz ++++for the direction of south and the element of fire
Red coral ++++for the direction of west and the element of water
Peridot++++ for the direction of north and the element of earth.

 Like all of us the fae love to be acknowledged and appreciate little gifts or offerings.
Getting a glimpse of the faerie kingdom is indeed a blessing and when you take the time each day  to stop and be in the present moment,
The Fae  will help open your eyes to the tiny miracles of everyday life.
As you experience this magical wonder you can use your Faerie Dust to thank them.
Enjoy and look for more Faerie Stories, blessings and meditations
On my blog….

Peg Gyldenege 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Moon #2 January 2014 FINSHED

Wrapping up the "Little Altars Project"
 New Moons signify a new beginning, time to start new projects, move forward like the seedling and bulbs stirring in our gardens. Unseen energy starting mother natures clock of gestation. A period of time in the dark growing and changing before emerging into the world to blossom and grow.

 I find it very fitting to have the pleasure of this second new moon to begin new projects after seeing many little Altars last Sunday at Lynn Vernon's welcoming home. Thank you so much Lynn

 We gathered those who were able, for a day of sharing, making art and sharing stories of the journey of the last year. A wonderful buffet of tasty tidbits greeted us with every accouterments coffee or tea has to offer. We started right away playing with acrylic paint and gelli plates creating sheet after sheet of glorious color on paper to be creative with another day.
 Lunch was then served white bean chicken chili with all the fixings. I got another wild hair and baked ginger cream fortune cookies. Ever try shoving tiny rolled up parchment paper in gooey cookie dough!?!?!?! and every one got  to chose four to  see what the next 30 days have to offer. That was great fun.

Then Drum roll please we spend time checking out each completed Little Altar Project

It was so fun to see the assembled Altars and admire the work in detail. Photos are a fun way to share but they do not capture all the tiny details that each artist created each month.
 Kimberly's pieces had such delicate wire work and vibrant color in her fused glass. The wire work could have been woven by spiders.
Nancy's delicate color choices and gentle nuances were breathtaking in person.
 Lynn Vernon's challenge for her self was working in unknown materials and her mastery of metal smithing was sublime.
 Cyn's creation of gnome homes was a spectacular year's journey into a village I would like to move into. Each tiny detail precise and playful at the same time
.Lou brought her always whimsical felt creations to a new place. She designs wonderful handbags and it was such a pleasure to see what direction she who take each Full Moon
 Marilynn who also works in fabric as well as created the most delightful glass beads brought a joyful piece each and every month. they all feel and express the celebration of life and joy in pure and glorious color.  Beth  joined in the fun with her delightful collage skills and combined color,found objects and words in an inspiring way to each artist.
Gwen brought us a new dimension of drawn art, wee creatures that want to jump off the altar spaces and play. I wanted them all.
  Kathy's work brought with them the winds of travel and the exotic delights of cultures from around the world. She set her sights high and created the most amazing things each month, the detail was incredible as I  finally got to see some of them in person last week.
 Lynn Hranac's work was delightful in many different mediums and included her collections from beach glass to zen-tangles rounding out with bead embroidery and felting.

 This was a challenging year for many of us and I heard over and over  how delightful it was to know a small package was coming in the mail. Something to look forward to each and every month. I have to say that is one of the reasons I started this project I love to open my mail box and find little treasures an unexpected card, postcards, a message from a friend...thinking of you.
So  now we are at the end and all of us own a Little Altars box to  display. Remember when life makes you weary go there and feel the fun and imagination from 10 women who created their hearts out for each other in 2013
 Blessings of Art


January Full Moon #9

These two spaces are the last of our alter pieces, however still working on Kathy's space.
Must say I am trying new things…will have it the first of the week. 

Hugs Marilynn

Sunday, January 19, 2014

January Full Moon # 8

Hello dear readers and fellow artists!

For the final full moon exchange I had myself.  Every time I looked at the two spaces all I could see was a little creature sitting & gazing at the stars or swinging or doing something, but always sitting between the two spaces as though it was one complete space.  So as I've learned, rather than fight the visions that you're seeing, trust them and go with them.

I've learned the best place to start, if your piece will involve sculpting, is to begin with the sculpture itself. The rest of the details will take care of themselves once the sculpture is done.

So I found the color liked. Blue seemed to suit the thoughtful posing I saw the character in. I curled his toes and helped him sit gently on the ledge.  The drippiness of this particular clay lent to him naturally turning his head as though he were listening to something. 

I tried out a few backgrounds to see how I'd like them. Then I sat back in my chair across the room to see what that gave as an effect to the whole tray as well as just that little area where he would be.  Unfortunately this first set of the backgrounds just didn't quite do the trick.

But he needed a little something more... He just felt so bare.  And he was beginning to feel more like he was part of the stars,  like a little being that had come down from the stars. So I gave him a crown of stars made from some star shaped sequins.

After basking in the warm glow of the oven I gave him a little paint. I thought having a background with lines as well as stars would be fun, having lines looking more like astrological symbols and charts. So I used up a piece that I had already folded into a box (marked with sharp lines) and fit it into the new spot's shape. The background is actually made from colored pencil and is very similar to the one I made for the pink moon several moon exchanges back.

Meet my star being.  He watches over and listens.  He is ready to offer any advice you might need. He encourages us to gaze upon the stars and listen for the answer.

Thank you all for a lovely experience. I have learned a great deal and enjoy getting artwork from each and everyone of you.  I feel like I've made large strides as an artist. It's because of the project that I feel confident in my sculpting skills again. Thank you Peg!! 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

January Full Moon #7

My last 2 spaces were for me- so no problem on whether the person would like them!! But still the inspiration problem...Then I saw the gorgeous full moon on January 15th. It was the biggest, brightest, closest moon I had ever seen! I was in awe and knew I had to use a moon image for the top space. I had a fancy moon button I got in Portland and 3 little star beads for one side and then made a small accordion book filled with a special quote for the other side, held in place with a lock and key.
The other space reminds me of all the wonderful times I've had with friends and a cup of tea! I made the lace covered table out of a small box and the tea pot and cup are charms from the same fabulous shop in Portland. Wouldn't you just love to sit and have a cuppa?     Hugs, Beth

Just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You! to Peg for all the work putting together and running this Little Altars Project for us! I know it takes a lot of time, effort and thought to make something like this work-so THANK YOU PEG!!

The other side of this is all the great artists who participated and shared their ideas, thoughts and inspiration with each other. I learned a lot from reading the blogs and seeing the pictures and having a monthly exchange made me stretch myself as an artist too. I really enjoyed this time with all of you and wish you all a very creative 2014!    Hugs, Beth

I made this piece for my other F space. Marilynn Rich made the wonderful "Magic" pin on the left and gave me a blue piece of glass to make something of my own for the other side.
I had all these seperate  things in my silver stash and suddenly I had a Queen! I think she goes nicely with the idea of Magic, don't you?
Hugs, Beth

January Full MOON #6

Hello Ladies,

Having two spots this month presented me with a challenge because I wanted them to be different!!!!  As you all know, I have used this opportunity to try new mediums as well so wanted to end with at least one new skill at the end of the Altar Project.

I am very focused on my current need for a vacation in the sun!  This led me to the top spot which starts with a photograph of the amazing blue waters inside of a cave in Italy on the Island of Capri.  The water is so starkly beautiful and amazing given the limited light inside of the caves.  I have a stash of vintage jewelry parts and pieces and one of them is an adorable sterling silver fish that at one time was a brooch.  Now it swims amongst the plants and waters on the Island of Capri!  It’s whimsical and light hearted.

I have been very interested in using concrete in jewelry so I decided this was the month!  I chose sterling silver.  I corrugated the metal and used that as the bezel creating a shape that was pleasing to me  I wanted a textured and smooth finish so it has a brushed satin texture overall and the high points were brought to a high shine.  Life has both smooth and rough roads and this piece was going to have the same.  The concrete is usually a gray color but I wanted to add my own bit of sparkle so I incorporated opalescent pigments to the concrete in a purple tone to match the synthetic lab created dark amethyst.  The combination of concrete and a gemstone are so intriguing to me!  Hard and soft combined.  For the background I chose a photo of bougainvillea that I took in Amalfi, Italy.  The lighting doesn’t show the true colors of the pendant I think it is much prettier in person and hope you both agree.

Both pieces are rooted in the colors of summer which I long for right now.

Nancy, I hope you like your installations and am excited to present them to you in person on Sunday!  You will need to tape or glue your backgrounds down and tape or glue your little plant with swimming fish too.  The pendant can sit inside it’s spot until you are ready to wear it or gift it to someone, whatever you choose to do.

Many blessings ladies,


January Full MOON #5

This has been one of the most wonderful experiences I've ever, ever done; creating art, monthly for the calendar.  Thank you Peg for the invitation; it's been a challenge for sure, to not only make art for the assigned box, but also learning and using photo shop along the way while putting my best words forwards. Thank you!  

 For this final month, I took a piece of dark green leather from the local craft store and cute paper from a mailing of Peg's and chose them as my background and backside signature page. I then chose a piece from my glass fusing class from this past year and incased it inside a copper wire basket to hold the white, red & dicro glass fused piece.

Thinking of the space, I wanted to pay homage to the project and use a copper framed piece I could add the verbiage "Little Alters" to, and then coat with ice resin to complete my title. There are several products on the market for resin. Pretty cool!

I attached my piece with copper head pins and coiled the ends and tucked them flat.  I used several more copper head pins with seed beads to give it some height. Finally, I added the background paper with a little glue.

My little alters is heading towards Lynn Vernon.

Happy New Year to you all,

lazy K

Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Full Moon #4

  "The forest is covered in a glistening blanket of snow. It's quiet, oh so quiet as if all who live there have settled in for a long winter's nap. But there's much to do to ready the forest for spring with all it's glorious colors and abundance! Like Simon, while he may be kind of a shy soft spoken gnome that keeps to himself and builds companions out of snow he holds a very, very important position in Mother Nature's organization. He is in charge of bulb nurseries B1393 - B1399 located under and a smidge to the left of his home, which he can easily get to by a staircase behind a door to the right of his fireplace. Making sure they are well fed, kept cozy and comfortable. He is also charged with keeping them safe from nasty worms and bugs who like to nibble on napping blossoms. It's a constant battle for Simon convincing early bloomers to wait for the right moment to push up through the ground to be greeted by the sun. Of course there are always a stubborn few who must try, only to be greeted by the frozen ground. Simon often must stifle a giggle as not to hurt a wee blossom's feelings, they must stay strong and confident for they bring much joy and awakening to the forest. As the snow melts, the forest begins a wake and Simon watches as his wee charges bloom in glorious colors decorating the entire forest floor. While it's a bittersweet time, Simon is so very proud of another job well done. While his charges turn their faces to the sun and sway in the gentle breeze Simon hums a familiar lullaby for them as he sets up his easel to capture this treasured moment with his water colors as he does every spring."

What a grand adventure this year of the Little Altars guided by the changing moon has been. I have re-discovered my love of clay and explored a world I adore. Thank you all for joining this adventure, it's been a great ride. Thank you Peg for bringing us all together, for guiding us through the various moons, goodies and the gentle prod dings to keep things moving. Lucky are we of the Little Altars project.


January Full Moon #3

This Little Altars installment was difficult and easy at the same time.  Difficult because I was uninspired and quite distracted by other things (mostly by our new puppy).  Easy because all the thought I put into, it in very small increments over many days, seemed to generate its own inspiration and solutions, so that, in the end, things came together more quickly than I could have hoped  for!

Out of nowhere, I got a picture in my head of a funky crown for Kathy, and actually put it on paper.  I’m sure if I hadn't, the image would have been gone.  It seemed like it would be a good thing to make using the copper that I've been coloring with watercolors.  I wanted the two spots we were to fill to have some unity, so something with the same materials seemed to make sense.  And I had some scraps that seemed to be mountain shapes, so…….. we have a crown and some mountains floating in the wild blue yonder, with vintage nailheads being the gems on the crown.

Nancy Strahle

P.S. Picture attached of Kamy Strahle at 8 weeks.  He’s now 11 weeks!  Turning into a sweetie!