Friday, December 18, 2009

Looking for Inspiration

Well it’s been a while since I last blogged. Life has taken me on quite a ride and I am finally able to catch my breath and focus.
Do you find yourself inspired with the most glorious ideas when you don’t have a fig’s worth of time to pursue your idea? I have been heaped in the mire of overlapping businesses and sorting out the past possessions which have lost their pull by date in my world of art.
I am sorting, cleaning and putting together my studio in between work, gardens, shows, guilds, life, obligations and family.

I became inspired to write after I ran across these pictures I took this August in Downtown Seattle on an Architectural Tour of Lions, Griffins, and creatures OH MY.
It was a beautiful Sunny day in Seattle,[not a term used to describe this town very often.] our PMC guild arrived early to gather for the tour we were treated to a delightful look at the stunning details of buildings which have graced the skyline for many decades. Driving thru the city streets would never revel the beauty we encountered that day. We learned many of the buildings looking like marble or stone walls were actually terra cotta cleverly created to resemble other materials.
I got lost in the details and could have spent hours gazing at the vintage delights just hanging out waiting to be discovered.
I wonder do they come alive at night. What would a gargoyle say to an Indian chief? Do the faces wiggle to relieve the stiffness of the solemn look they were given at creation? Do the walruses wiggle their tusks?

All I know is they send my artsy-fartsy side off on a delightful daydream that has the possibility of becoming a wee bit of my art

We enjoyed the very modern to the art deco details. The walruses are from the Artic Club a gentlemens club of days gone by which is now a hotel.I am so very happy to see these buildings survive the wear and tear of everyday life as well as the nincomepoops who want to tear down and replace with more roads or parking garages. Take your own tour with the Seattle Architechtural Society or look up a simular group in your own area

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Part two building a new office

Then at last we were granted our occupation permit and The big fellow was expecting a fight and had tensed himself ready to do battle. The last inspector arrived and simply signed off with out a whimper. He left and my dearest gladiator deflated and had to wobble home to rest.

The big move began the next day and now we are as snug as a bug in a rug. The office staff is sighing and fondly gazing out our windows at the ever changing sky.
Our first office weekly meeting happened in Ben’s office and after wards he crowed “ “WOW They all fit into my office” . It is lovely having a real kitchen complete with plenty of drawers.
We kept as much of the landscaping as possible. Of the seven apple trees we were able to save my favorite one. It stands about two and a half feet tall it survived all earth moving equipment dry weather and rabbit relocation. It stands proudly at the back of the property reminding us of the past as well as the future in this prime location.

We have been blessed by the land and the folks who lived here before us. As well as our terrific staff and families who depend on us now for work and support. It has been quite an adventure and we had a terrific group of young people who worked for us just to complete this project. This is our future and I am proud to say we are in great hands.
SO now you now the rest of the story. …..Where has the Wild Hair Queen been?

Where is the WIld Hair Queen

Meanwhile back at the office

At last at last after many months of blood sweat and lack of sleep we were able to begin the move into our new office. It was nearly a year ago on Labor day weekend when The big guy spotted a delightful piece of property for sale. He had been searching for about 3 years for just the right location. One of those places that must have space for both office and tools and tools and more tools for all our repair work for the cranes in our state as well as surrounding areas.
On a whim we decided to go see this place. Fell hard for it as it fit all of the requirements or would fit after some of that hard work I mentioned before. It was a charming place and had been a family home and small farm like yard. The folks renting it had been delightful care takers.

There were 7 apple trees and a bountiful garden in the rich abundance of harvest. Old time varieties of flowers and shrubs surrounded the ground, chickens clucked and apples shine. Here sat this jewel in the middle of warehouses the last bit of the old valley . The house is built of deep burgundy bricks. And the inside was in perfect condition just needed a fresh coat of paint and ADA requirements. We now have a kitchen, plenty of built in storage and room for each office employee as well as windows.. What a treat after being in a large metal building when you did not know if it was day or night.

The outside was a rather daunting challenge. First we had to work out all purchasing requirements unending blah, blah, blah and then the economy went sideways.. Fun, NOT. At last at the end of February papers were finally signed. City permits were required and that is an entirely other blog. I must wait until I can find the humor in the process.

Then we began the heavy duty work. We gave most of the plants away and uprooted those we wanted to save and replanted in a holding area. Big boy machines arrived and earth moving began. Large piles taller than the house surrounded us. Out went the Free Dirt sign. We were swarmed by folks. The dirt is terrific fine as silk and delightful to grow anything in. Three solid days of filling the beds of strangers pickups and trailers ensued till at last our dirt plies were reduced to the amounts needed for our project. Trenches were dug and all wiring needed was placed underground. Water hookups, new electrical panels and a large storm water drainage pond were created. Sounds like a simple thing but it was very complex and complicated. Then the parking lot was created a new sign and the landscaping surrounded our new home. AND

the inspections and inspectors to please all of the city requirements.
Throughout all of this I was providing lunch everyday to our crews and sometimes dinner as we would work into the evening until there was no more light, as well as keeping our business running at the old location and juggling all different duties required. Our Staff was excellent and have proved themselves to be winners in my book. I really appreciate all of the things they did to carry on in difficult circumstances. As well as work has been down for us but we have been able to retain everyone and they were able to learn some new skills in office building. One said to me he would be happy when our regular work picked up as his fanny was dragging after working at the new office.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Part 2 Fire Glass and Metal

Hi It has been a crazy few weeks since I wrote. We are converting an acre with a beautiful brick house into our new offices for our Crane Company and we have a deadline 14 hour days need I say more. Anyway here is part 2

My Kiln and glass are happiest when they have a good long soak in temps around 800 to 900 degrees. I leave the dial on low and say good night and leave the glass at this soak overnight. At the crack of morning a sniggle starts in my head and the wild call of the glass enters my dreams.
Time to wake up----- time to play in the kiln “Hellllllllloooooooo Peg, It’s me your glass here I am warm and happy sitting here basking in this glorious heat relaxed and happy waiting come on out and play.”

So groggy from my dreams and desiring a cup of coffee I get up pull on jeans and my fuzzy robe I wander downstairs to make coffee and start my bath water.
The smell of coffee hits my nose and I toddle off to the cupboard for a mug. Cup in hand I open the back door greet the morning and sniggle out to the studio. The kiln temp is in the perfect place at 850, I don my leather gloves and take a peek. Everybody looks happy and no one has gone dancing during the night. I then add the plug and crank the dial to high.
Off the bath, dressed and ready for public appearances 1 hour later I return to the studio.
Peek again the temp is now at 1400. I know it will not be much longer so I stay put and turn on the radio and work on a idea to take up some time. I check every 10 minutes

First check I can see the heat in the glass there is a slight shimmer

Check #2 the edges have begun to soften but not yet

Check #3 the forming has begun the glass looks soft and honey like all hard edges have transformed to rounded edges there is a grace to the glass each piece has emerged into it’s new form gone are the layers now a fusion of color and metal.

The glass that went it a bit wobbly emerges a graceful swan. The metal transforms differently in each piece. Some the metal reacts with the glass and changes the color of the glass. In others wee bubbles form in a pleasing manner at the edges of the metal. The dichroic glass gleams and captures you imagination letting you feel as if you could fall into the glass and find your self in a whole new world.

Meanwhile I keep to the task at hand and back to the kiln we go One last check and that shimmer and softness I have been waiting for is there and singing to me . Final checking the entire shelf for the same look and making sure the glass looks just right.

Part 3 finishes

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happily Getting Lost in Glass

Fairy Light2001

Angles 2002

Welcome to my 3 part series of working with PMC and Fused glass
I have been making and selling glass buttons and glass cabachons for the last 14 years.
I adore glass and color and working with a kiln . I can spend hours cutting, assembling and dreaming my way into glass bliss.


Sunday was a day of perfect weather, much needed after our seemingly endless winter. The guild was meeting at my studio and we were walking on the wild side.
Glass and metal a seductive combination in my world. I had cleaned and straightened the studio preparing room for those attending to cut glass.

We began this adventure a year ago with PMC Paper and paper punches. Beginning with clever shapes of all sorts placed in the kiln and fired at 1650 for 10 minutes.
The paper punches available are amazing and we have several members who are also card makers and work with all sorts of art supplies to create some amazing cards and ATC’s
I have been very lucky to have been given some of the fore a mentioned items and I have them tucked away in a special box so I can pull them out when I need a bit of cheering up.

Anyway the PMC Paper after firing becomes pure silver and armed with these shapes we created some small pieces to create jewelry with or just admire.

For some this was the first time they had cut glass. It is rather intimidating to see a sheet of glass and the rather small tool you are given to cut with. But after a few lessons… a good surface and a ruler they were cutting like pros.

· cut
· clean
· assemble
Just like making a glass sandwich.
Placing glass - PMC Paper- clear glass top
. A weee drop of white school glue if necessary and then off to the kiln.

I have discovered through many, many, many firings in the last 10 years the very best method for me. Every kiln is a bit different and you must use what works for you but here is my journey.

Late afternoon I head out to the studio to begin the firing of the exuberant piles of glass sandwiches created on Sunday.
I needed to prepare my Kiln shelf.
I mixed equal amounts of kiln wash and water stirring to the consistency of pancake batter. Applied with a hake brush painting first in a up and down direction , dry then painting side to side.
When that dried I hand sand the surface( meaning I just use the palm of my hand ) to smooth of any lines or ridges.
I placed the shelf in the kiln turned it on low, left the kiln door open and dried the kiln wash. After about an hour I turned off the kiln and loaded the first load.

There were 4 trays filled with goodies I searched each and picked out all pieces that were only 2 layers thick not including the silver or copper pieces added.

Evenly placing the items on the shelf about ¾ of an inch apart
I then photographed the load.
(It is always a surprise what changes occur during firing. )
Turn on the kiln dial to low

Partially closed the kiln door leaving a 2 inch gap and left out the vent plug noted the time and returned to my house. This heating time releases all gases from glue,glass cleaners ect and keeps your glass clear.
After 1 hour back to the studio If the kiln has reached 500 then I close the kiln door put in the vent plug leaving the kiln on low and turned out the lights.

Nighty Night

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Night Irene

Mother’s Day took on a different tone this year.
Last year the two woman who figured prominently in our family both passed away in the latter part of 2008. My Mother lived several States away and Dear Ruthie was our dear Friend adopted Grandmother and all around loving sweetheart whom we shared holidays with for 25 years.
There have been many changes but the thing that struck deepest in my heart is not having anyone to find just the right gift for. One of my greatest joys in life is playing the part of Fairy Godmother and granting wishes to people who are dear to my heart.
Holidays have never been very traditional around our house. We follow a different pace and usually fit the day around the current chaos of owning your own service business being on 24 hour call.
Not to say we didn’t try to be sort of traditional
This year new events took place to help me fill the void from the absence of these 2 women in my life.
My dear Friend Kathy invited us up to the 11th annual Camano Island Studio Tour, which she and her husband Peter were helping with. The drive was about 2 hours from our house and we were very excited about meeting all the local artists and seeing all of the incredible work they produce as well as how they set up their studios.
There were about 35 Artists and the whole Island was involved. We were able to see about 5 different places in the short amount of time we allotted. (Next year I plan on staying the entire weekend.)
We started out at a Gallery By The Bay .
There was a fun collection of paintings and Cheeky ceramics’ including some great crows.
As well as some engaging paintings of Belly Dancers by Dianna Shyne.
( You know how I feel about belly dance) She told us the painting were from the perspective of a three year old who wandered into a group of dancers and got caught up in the swirl ,color and tinkle of belly dance movement at the annual solstice parade in Fremont.
Let me tell you they are delightful!!!
Then off we went to see marvelous watercolors by Juanita Hagberg.
Next Stanwood House Gallery & Art Center
Chaim Bezalel’s porcelain bowls as mixed media with photography of interesting things. They had some beautiful paintings as well as Native American bead work.
Then…. oh be still my heart.. up a winding road to John Ebner’s garden and ok his studio too.
This was a magnificent garden planted with hundreds and hundreds of tulip bulbs as well as lilies still in the teenage time of their lives. The entire garden was a work of art by its self.

His studio and had beautiful water colors of NW places displayed everywhere
I purchased a giclee of “Sunrise at Deception Pass”. (One of my favorite places)
Next Kathy Hutchinson Weaving Studio and our eyes were treated to magnificent color combinations of beautifully woven articles of clothing. I wanted to take home an armful and it was all I could do not to rub my face in the softness.
Alas time was slipping away and we had to wave bye-bye and head back to the City for our next appointment but on the way off the Island we popped by
Marc Boutte’ Glass yummy hand-blown and sculptured glass and as a final treat
Lance Carlton Recycled Metal Sculpture set out on the grass among the flowering Fruit Trees.
It was a great way to spend Mothers day it helped add juice to my creative self and meet new artists as well as spend time with lovely friends who also managed to give as a bathroom break as well as lunch on the run. Thanks For a great Day

If you are interested in any of the fore mentioned Artists check my links to find them

Please leave a comment!?!
You can help me reach one of my goals which is to to network and connect with you dear reader

Thursday, May 07, 2009


What do those words bring to mind? Fresh strawberries warm from the sun. A tomato picked out of your backyard garden. Blackberries picked on a hike while resting in the shade on a warm September afternoon.
Those moments hold great promise I notice the fragrance wafting off the object of my desire, the pure color enhancing the moment and then the time of truth the taste. Did all of the triggers in my mind prepare me for the moment of bliss or did I get a shock of sour, stale or unripe.
For me creating my art has the same path. Often I find myself struggling to create or even thing creative thoughts. I need to get juiced up. I need the interaction with other artists who understand some projects are merely juice to get the creative mind in gear and making the place ready for a creative juicy ripe bite of my own artistic ideas.

Which leads me to my blog You will be noticing the new look and more information about me, while I am taking the class and the changes that are occurring from the Blog Triage Drs. Alyson and Cynthia. Each class session sets out new ways to look at what is there and how to make it better and better. Some things have been very simple while I feel like I am moving thru molasses for others. But what is most important is that I am excited to write and share things with you.
The following pictures are of my juicing up project to get in motivated for other things. My goal this year is to spend more time in my studio creating, using all of the lovely tools and products I have been collecting and stashing for too many years to count, with the promise I will get back to that and create something wonderful. Well the time has come and here I go…
I found these wooden shoes at an estate sale and I am currently in the mosaic phase. I have several large out projects to complete and the shoes are paving the way so to speak. I will keep you posted on the progress of my other projects

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Future blog posts

More homework for Blog Triage Class. 20 subjects for blog posts really set my mind to tilt a whirl time but here goes
Favorite new Art supplies
a. Resin
b. Bronzclay
c. patinas with paint
e .silkcreens and fabric
f. molding objects
g. pmc paper
h pmc and enamel
i texture plates
Current projects that keep me creative
j. knitting
k. crochet

l. fused glass
m. PMC
n. Wire working
o. felting
p. bead embroidery
q. beads stringing
r. Resinss.vintage collage

Paper pods and weaving,
resin collage
mosaic with vintage pieces
resin molds

Reviews of my favorite new books and music
Beads swaps


I supply some ingredients you supply your design and we vote for our favorite

Collaborative work ..projects I have completed with other artist

FAQ's from Shows

FAQs from classes

Vintage Delights

Interesting places to visit off the beaten trail

Dear Reader that is just the beginning of my list,

This was a daunting task before I began it but it has gathered speed as I start to write down ideas and now it is beginning to have a life of it's own. can't wait to see where this road will led me down.. Hang on it going to be a fun ride

Luscious Vintage Crystals

From the moment I first can remember my life I was enchanted by the sparkle of crystal. I loved the old black & white movies with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dressed for a night out.
He in Tails and she in a filmy gown complete with sparkling jewelry.
The sparkle and gleam has caused me to surrender more money over the past 15 years that I every dare admit.
I began collecting vintage crystals about 12 years ago and had stashed them away for future projects or for petting and drooling, not necessarily in that order.
When one day I began to notice the crystals had taken over an entire corner of the room ,then they slowly began to creep out and to take up more and more space. In a attempt at order and placing them in containers.
First I began to place them on an excel spread sheet. Unfortunately after 3 weeks I realized I was lost in simply gazing at them playing with colors and getting lost in the glitter. I called my daughter (the engineer) in a moment of sanity and pleaded for some assistance.
On a quiet weekend we managed to alphabetize them by color then each color by size, type, shape and cost, From there I created sample boards and photographed each piece. The first photo is one of my sample boards
This was a labor of love as the crystals are very hard to phototgraph. The lens does not know where to focus (Ha ha so it isn't just me) They look the best when captured at just before dusk outside. I found out there is a window of about 45 minutes where the light is perfect. It was a race and took many nights.
Then I put them up for sale.
Turns out I had 96 different kinds of crystals!!!!!!
These are Swarovski crystals dating from the late 1890s to 1950's. They are in sizes, colors and shapes which are retired. I found them all over the world. They will be out at my next show at Art & Soul in Portland this October.

Here are several pairs of earrings I created from my collection. If you would like to see more you can check them out on my website

Monday, April 27, 2009

Creative Spirits Weekend

Remarkable is the only way to describe our weekend retreat. Fourteen of us gathered at Kathy’s home on the island. Large quantities of food was carried in by each guest as well as bottle after bottle of wine. The mound was sumptuous and yummy odors wafted enticingly throughout the spacious kitchen.
Peter was the most delightful host moving among each gathering offering more wine or a snappy bit of conversation, building a cheery fire in a small pit so we could enjoy a sea and stars and a sip of our favorite beverage
Sleeping bags and fat foam mats were stowed away along with our clothing for the next day. Kathy opened up her studio for us to work in. Many tables were lined up while a handy wheelbarrow ferried the project supplies. Kiln and accouterments made an appearance and were place ready for action.
Oh you should have seen the collections of storage boxes, tiny to large filled with each artists ideas of what they could not do with out to create this weekend. There were clay supplies, beautiful papers, clever paper punches, knitting projects, gems and jewels, copper, silver and a new bronze wire.

Each place at each table had a clever paper bag filled with treats to welcome us. Kim brought her wire coiling machine and shared her bracelet design, Kathy taught us Viking knit wire weaving. I shared tips on Mold making as Kathy’s home had the most unique cabinet knobs. We made a mold of our shell findings at the beach, which translated beautifully into PMC silver.
We combed the beach for inspiration, then drove around drinking in the atmosphere of island life. Then returned refreshed to work and learn from each other.
I wish you could have been there it was so much fun.
Sunday morning
we were greeted by the fresh aroma of baking sweet rolls and coffee.
What a special group of artists who are also clever and excellent cooks. A yummy breakfast and loads of conversation readied us for a shot of creative fervor. You should have seen the ideas and possibilities flying through that room. Out of the chaos, beautiful work was revealed by each artist.
We even had a weekend visit from Flat Stanley who is traveling through our fair state and being photographed in all the hot spots before being returned to his creator
Then a yummy lunch and we finished firing our creations and then … (sniff sniff tears and sadness) it was time to return to our own lives and close this magical island weekend
I wish you could have been there.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home work

I am engaged in a new 4 week class called Blog Triage Maintaining a Healthy Artist Blog.

This class is taught by Alyson B Stanfield

and Cynthia Morris These two are masters at the art of blogging and maintaining momentum to keep things interesting.

We are to describe the types of folks who we would like to visit and read our blogs.

I pondered for several hours making lists and here is what I came up with

Artists or Artistically inclined,

Computer savvy all ages,

loves hand crafted art,


has a unique style,


collector of beautiful things

loves stories and a glimpse into a fellow life traveler,




enjoys making new friends


Earthy and warm


I am sure I will be adding to this list as my brain kicks in with more ideas but for now the second half of the assignment is what I want from blogging

I want to express my self thru writing for the journey of art to me is as much about daily events as well as the finished art piece. I enjoy telling stories and think that we all learn from each others experiences. I am an observer of life and the every miracles that occur under our very noses are often passed by in our haste to tackle the new todo on our endless lists of daily life.

I also feel that writing keeps my brain exercised and at peak performance. I do not intend to move into the rest of my life complaining that I am too old to learn something new, I have other friends who have simply refused to step up to new technology and are letting the world simply pass them by. I am going to fill my brain with every new idea I can and call on my children to help me make the step up when things are a bit out of reach.

I want a connect to other people in the world and to share my point of view and hear their comments. This helps all of us to grow and learn. I want my art to find homes in kindred spirits. I want to sell my art so I continue to produce my art. I am in love with my life and the wondrous experiences art has lured me into. I hope to lure you into my experiences and you will enjoy my blog as much I enjoy writing it

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Making Changes

Many changes have occured for me in the past year and one of them i moving from having a business partner to just being in business with myself. I want the website to reflect who I am today and what I am all about so I am Sharing my new opening page and logo with you all for a sneak peek
Welcome to Peg’s getting another Wild Hair Studio,

Her new Logo is her comic self drawn by her talented daughter Gwen.
She choose Poppies to represent her artistic life. To her they bring a giggle of delight at the wonder of the garden’s lovely gift, you know… that lovely pop of color that is intense and fragile while it warms you from the inside out an unexpected surprise on a regular day in your life.
Wild Hair Studio is a lovely place full of sparkle and treasures to create with or to find that perfect piece of wearable art to complete an outfit or symbolize a special occasion.

Peg is curious about how things work and spends many hours creating, testing and finally completing unique and endearing art. Each piece has a story and fills her head with dreams and characters that help form the ideas for her wearable art.

She is influenced by Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Architecture, great books, her garden, fairies, and faces, lovely faces, old faces, young faces, did I mention faces???
Music of all sorts such as the Blues, Rock & Roll , Belly dance and her darling delightful husband and their children,

Art supplies have always held a place of honor in her home. Hours have spun by unnoticed when she is in creation mode . The ideas come as dreams or as visions during her favorite time of morning in the bath.
Some ideas have to be captured as quickly as they arrive less they escape.

Other ideas grow from the materials speaking loudly to Peg and demanding to be obeyed. Some ideas arrive accidently by the chance meeting of several beads and silver ending up in a pleasing manner which sets off a whole new chain of events.

She is surrounded by a plethora of supplies collected and lovingly stashed from all over the world. Imagine rich bronze pearls, kiln worked glass, luscious crystals in a rainbow of colors precious metals sterling silver, gold, copper, fine silver in wire and charms and hand wrought pendants, semi precious beads, ruby, lapis, amber, & coral, to name just a few, from which she creates her one of a kind wearable art.

Her pieces are for the person who wants to stand out in a crowd and not look like one of the herd. They are for the bold confidant woman who dances to her own beat.
For the woman who hears the art speak to her so she can to tell her own story

Her bracelet kits are for those who wish to create themselves. The designs are from herself and a collective group of artists . The kits are complete and ready to party. Order up several and invite your favorite girlfriends to a bead gathering.

So take some time and wander through Peg’s getting another wild hair experience.

For it’s not about having wild hair but getting one….wink wink

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wearing too many hats

I love hats straw,felt,woolen,and fabric. I love the look of myself dressed up complete with a hat. I have worn them since childhood where having an Easter bonnet was part of the outfit. I love then so much i even took classes and learned how to construct them. My Teacher was Wayne Wichern a master hat maker and all around delightful human being. He and his partner moved to California and now I only hear from it occasionally. But hats remain a passion in my life. But today's subject is on a different matter.

Professional hats. These are not the hats anyone sees but in my mind I place one one my head before each place I must be during the day. I have the CFO hat for our office. I have the Cheerful hat I wear when things are sliding sideways and personalities clash at the office. I have the Stern hat I wear when having to ask someone I employ to do the job they were hired to do.

I wear the supply clerk hat when I am keeping things supplied for all concerned at the office. Every job has it's paper work and tissue plays a vital role.......

I wear the calming hat when having to bring peace to the CEO after a day of battling with the giants of the government or city office rules or employees who think they are pulling the wool over your eyes or employees who are in distress and struggling and you can not do anything but listen and offer a moment of peace and a Kleenex.

Then I wear the battle hat meant for doing battle with those who would treat my staff badly or try to raise havoc with our system. This is my fiercest hat for I take no prisoners. My staff like my family is under the protection umbrella I carry at all time. I discovered i had this fierceness when my first child was born and inside me open a strength ad absolute power of protection, and when I don this hat just get out of my way.

Then I have the art hat which takes me on adventures and to meet people and visit places which inspire and feed my well creation. from that I wear the treasure hunting hat finding treasures both vintage and modern, who knows what will spark my interest. Then the Designer hat creating designs and classes from material I have discovered and co mingled. From there the why & how hat. That is one of my favorite hats. Why does this work and what happens if you do this or add that or fire it at this temp and pound it with that hammer. You get the picture. Then I add the teaching hat, I have learned so much teaching and i hope I have inspired and helped other move thru fear of the unknown into creative adventure. Then I move into the entrepreneur Hat. Selling supplies and treasurers as well as kits and my own wearable art. This is an important hat for if I am unsuccessful at this I can no longer wear the other hats.

Today I am overwhelmed my all the hats I wear in just 1 day. Today I am taking the time to renew my personal self and fill up the creative well and take some time to just create. I am going to take the time to send a sweet word of encouragement to other artists. Thanks you for taking time out of your busy crazy life's to create and inspire the rest of us.

Take off your hat and stay awhile

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


As you may notice from my last blog I had a glitch and was unable to finish my last posting. I was madly typing away giggling as I typed with a particular turn of a phrase( one of those which pops out and is a small gem of a thought) When I glanced up and realized nothing was going on the screen. I fiddled with every button and saved my current work several times but nothing would change. I even opened up word to see if perhaps I had moved into a black hole on my blog screen???
I have always felt there is a small army of teeny tiny people who make the magic happen when I am using my computer. and when things fail or simply don't work I figure it must be time for a coffee break for the fore mentioned army.
I know at the office there is a wee fellow who lives in the server and decides every odd now and then..."HUMMMMM I think I will erase everything and make folks start over. What fun to see them swear, and sweat pushing and poking to no avail. Perhaps if they said nice things to me instead of making naughty remarks about my mother I might behave"

This makes more sense to me than geek speak. But I bow to the experts so I call my children. SOS my computer is not working...So after a series of questions and hopefully the right answers my daughter the engineer asked" did you check the batteries in the keyboard?"
Well good golly miss molly she was right. Of course it took a bit to race down stairs find several kinds of batteries for I failed to inquire of my key board which batteries it required. then of course while I was in the kitchen a cuppa tea sounds oh so nice then while searching for the tea the cat wanted in, so I stepped out side for the air was soft and sweet and begged to be ingested,which led me to some small sprigs pushing up thru the dark wet soil reaching for the sun as a glimpse of yellow caught my eye and I wandered over to see the tiny crocus heralding the return of spring.
Then a shrill sound reached my ears as my brain registered the shriek of the tea kettle. Off I galloped to rescue the boiling water and pour it over my tea leaves to calm and sooth my soul. Finally with tea in hand and batteries in pocket I returned to my computer and luck of all luck got the right size on the first try. Replaced then and my keyboard began to sing again. But then time reared it's insistent head and I had to head off to other appointments.
So At last I freed up a bit of time and am leaving you with my short tale of stolen spring is coming moments Ta ta for now

Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter Break

Had a lovely 4 days in Tucson at the end of a very dreary month of January. Very kind friends of ours invited us to come and stay for a wee bit and catch some mild winter sun. I grew up in The northern parts of the southwest and had experienced the desert and was not eager to spend a lot of time there. But never had I been to Tucson or in that kind of desert scenery. But I was delightfully enchanted by the cactus and the mountains. Birds were everywhere bursting out in song . The air was clear and cool , then rising up to shirt sleeve weather during midday.

Our hosts were so fun and they showed us around to many wonderful sights and events and a couple of very good resturants. SIGH................It was great.

Then came the icing on the cake The Tucson Gem show. I was actually there at the very begining before the main shows even opened. We went to 2 different shows and I nearly lost my mind with the plethora of goodies laid out in inviting ways on the tables at each booth.

Bucket after bucket of raw precious stones were there waiting for the lapidary minded to seek out new stock. Pearls in every shape and color making me wonder if there wern't a lot of tired oysters taking a well deserved nap. Cut stone strand, beads, cabs, beads and more and this was only the first day in just a few booths.

The main show wasn't even set to open till the following Thursday.

Soon it became hard to carry on a conversation because my eyes whould not remain in one place. They darted back and forth as my mind streamed out idea after idea of designs. I had a block in my mind of the many things I already own and the list I had put together for "just a few things" HA!!!! No such luck.

The bags I carried became heavier and heavier and my bank account became more and more empty.
but what bliss

i had the best time.
i needed to borrow another suitcase to get all the loot home. But again my friend came to the rescue and lent me a well tra