Thursday, June 27, 2013


June inspirations started with the explosion of plant life in the garden. The weather cannot decide if it should be hot or cool, Rain squalls have played  tag with a day or two of summer-like  heat, meanwhile rain batters the flowers.

Moss has really taken hold and I find it fascinating to see all the different varieties in my garden. Using the moss as inspiration I created texture plate from moss I found in the rainforest  of the Olympic Peninsula. It has a zigzag shape and that is what I used to create this tiny kimono in copper. I added the full moon in the background of white glitter paper on a background of felted velvet and red wool .

 The tiny butterfly came from my Susan Clarke Button collection and there is a tiny star caught up on the bottom of the dress. The twig is from my contorted hazel shrub and I added a wee pink pearl flower I hand wired in place.  I searched far and wide through my stash for just the right word to finish off my piece for Marilynn and after many distractions (ohhh shiny things, hmmm I forgot I had this….) I found Summer!  
Perhaps it will appear now???


Greetings from Portland OR

My muse this month was a song called "Bird on a wire" by Joe Bonamassa. Took a silver annealed piece that I pulled through a mill press with lace to give texture to the metal. Put bird template on with rubber cement to hold in place and then used my jewelry saw to cut birdie shapes.

Painted with water colors on stiff paper to create a morning sunrise background for my birds; cut to fit square back & sides. Worked copper wire to make the setting for birds to perch on. This piece pops in place and somewhat hovers above the space.

Took a tiny Phillips screw driver and filed the top off. Used this tool to stamp design on birds and finished with colored pencils to give individuality. Tiny holes help secure birds on wire.

Think of me singing early, in the morning light!

Lazy K


This month I was inspired by a few things:  An earring that David found on the road on our morning walk.  It had obviously been run over, and though the wire was mashed, the main part was in pretty good shape and seems to be well made. I like it!

I’ve also been inspired by some collage art work in my dentist’s office.  I’ve had the opportunity to see it a few times (!), and he’s got good taste!  I haven’t tried any collage for decades, but this work made me want to approach it again.  My project this month looks nothing like the piece by Carrie Kaufman, but the mounted copper wire attachment is a pretty direct inspiration.  What I’ve found on-line by Carrie is not as delectable (to me) as the large piece I saw in person.

Lastly, it’s summer.  The hand and basket remind me of gathering flowers and harvests.  The warm colors of the basket, and the branch covered with moss tell me it’s inviting to go outside.  It’s Easy Time.  We are enjoying fresh greens, and radishes from the seeds that Peg sent. They are delish!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Fairies Wings and Magic Things…

Expose to day light
Look at in dark of night…

This is a fairies' vessel that is kind of magic!  You can also look at it under a black light.  Put your favorite fragrance in it to help you think of magic and creative things!

Hugs, Marilynn

p.s.  yes it is a
Marilynn original.  ;-)


Hi Peg, here's my Little Altar for June. This one is Beth's!

Here name is Beth as is our daughter's name. I wanted to create something that would celebrate the first letter of her name, so I chose to make a little picture of our humble but beloved bumble bee!

This little bee has been very busy and found a little flower to's also a pin Beth can wear if she'd like to

Love, Lou


Hi Cyn,
I hope you like my little creation.  I just spent the last two weeks in Italy and a good portion of that time on the Amalfi coast in  a very small town called Praiano.  We stayed in the old part of town in a small two bedroom Villa that could only be reached by foot.  No road traffic at all.  No Wi-Fi, no TV.  The main road was an actual 350 steps down from where our little villa sat on the hillside.  Another 400+ steps and many more feet of switchbacks led to a beautiful beach area called La Sibilla.  A small tiny cove where fisherman tie their boats to buoys and row in to shore, water taxi’s depart for various attractions, and I dug for gold – well, maybe not gold but pottery, porcelain, sea glass, and tile shards!  Your creation this month should fit nice and snug in your box.  I would glue it in if you like it so that it doesn’t fall forward since it is slightly front heavy.

So, the story of its creation:  I took beautiful brown sea glass that was collected on a trip to Hawaii and used that as a mosaic for the back.  I then chose to use copper to mirror the beautiful browns in the shard itself.  I corrugated the copper and cut it into a shape that mirrored the shard.  I faceted the sides of the shard because I needed something for the wire hold on to and liked it so much I continued it down the side.  The sole factor driving the creation of the piece was something to highlight the shard and leave its origns to the imagination.  Just think about the very rocky beach it was found on, in a far off land.  Who knows what life it held before I uncovered it by digging in the rocks with a stick at the waters edge.

Have a wonderful month and thanks again for my installation last month.  I really do like it.

Warm Regards,
Lynn Vernon


June, the month when summer arrives and thoughts turn to the beach. Well for me the beach is always in my thoughts, it's my happy place! The Super Moon brought with it low tides which makes for wonderful beach walks and treasure hunting.

This month I created an altar piece for Kathy. From my beach to hers, "Gnoming Coastal" came about. Using polymer clay, perfect pearls luster dust and a wee gnome whispering in my ear a gnome sand castle came to life. Calvin, the Camano Crab does a fine job as sentry.

So the next time you're at the beach listen closely you may hear the giggling of sand gnomes and perhaps come upon one of their sand castles. They will gladly accept gifts of small shells with much delight!

Happy Summer!


Hi Peg -
 Here in sunny HOT Tucson AGAIN! 
Moving Mary to Assisted Living next Wed then home for our

4th of July Family Reunion in Oregon.

My inspiration for this month's project was Beth herself. I always think of flowers when i think of Beth. 
I made a basket of flowers for her with copper and wire!   

Hugs to all! Lynn


Here is my altar piece for Lou. It is about Beauty, the letter B, the color Blue and Butterfly wings, all favorites of mine! I found the quote and that started the process. The figure is one of Tim Holtz's and started out bright white. I painted it with three earthy colors and then spritzed it with gold glitter. I cut out the wings from a butterfly sticker and then added blue glitter (more the better!) It all stands on an antique letter B which I have been saving for a long time.
I hope it will bring beauty to Lou's world.... Hugs, Beth

Tell me that you love me Junie Moon

June Mead Moon 

A Super moon  with plenty of hype but alas my friends what it brought to the Pacific NW was jaw dropping rain squalls. Saturday was glorious Sunny  Hot and the bees were buzzing and the hummingbirds humming.(cause they forgot the words don'tcha know). I was busy drying rose petals and lavender ans anything else from the garden thank agreed to become part of my blessing jar.
 I even went to the local nursery to find a princess vine and was feeling a bit whooshy strolling along. But I bought my plant returned to my car and saw the temp gauge, my car registered 105 and when I got home the gauge registered 95. So excited couldn't wait to see the moon,should be great clear sky...... move ahead to 8 pm Cloud cover and humid, decided to place all my flowers into the back of my car for safekeeping over night in case the nocturnal critters  decided to have their own Summer Solstice celebration.
 As luck would have it  it was the clouds who decided to party and left evidence of large puddles behind to let me know a good time was had by all those of the cloud people.
 Sunday remained a bit dim  ( I think the cloud people had hangovers) and as it was getting dark the surprising downpours started again.  So I have been dreaming about what a cool moon it  must have been as I fluff the drying flower petals in the back of my car.

It is my pleasure to upload everyone's delight little altar projects for the month of JUNE.
 You my fellow artist's ROCK!!

Enjoy and please leave a comment or three it is really nice to get feedback
Bright Blessings 

Saturday, June 08, 2013

May FULL MOON # 10

Here I am once again late - :( - sad face, best laid plans that go a stray. My little piece of art goes to Gwen and it is being posted today.

My inspiration for May was the little piece of enamel work I did with my sister in law Terri. The piece always reminded me of the Full Moon shining on the beach. Going through my 'po' I found these little turtles. I then thought of a novel I read years ago set in S Carolina and related as part of the story about the turtles that come ashore at night to lay their eggs. So I Googled Carolina and turtles. Sure enough there was the story about Logger Head Sea Turtle that lives its life in the ocean, only to come a shore at night to lay their eggs. These turtles will lay eggs at 2-3 year intervals and 3-4 clutches may be laid in one season at 12 week intervals.  Clutch size will average around 115 eggs.

Lynn Hranach