Thursday, April 12, 2007

Basking in the Sun 2

This stool had some very whimsical critters who have moved into to their own desert condo to bask in the sun complete with a Prickly Pear Cactus to sustain all for they are used for food, medicine & fiber for weaving and dyes. The argyle rattle snake adds a new endangered species to the land of laundry rooms where one sock always seems to disappear perhaps that's where they all go slithering away to the land of warm desert nights to begin a new life and slide into some one else's laundry room turning up as the extra sock by day and fearsome serpent by night.

I really loved this wee katchina dancer. He reminds me of Pow Wow's I have attended and be mesmerized by the color, beauty and sacred manner of each of the native dancers. There is such power in each step aligning with the drummers and the personal rhythm of each dancer. It is ancient and brand new at the same time. I always feel the connection between the earth and sky all of us connected and part of each other sharing of moment of the sacred.
I haven't blogged for a bit computer problems plagued me. But luckily dear Lance came to the rescue and replaced our old computer it was quite a task and he was able to back up all of my stuff. Whew! 2 years ago we had the same problem but lost a great deal of stuff including most of out photos of our trip to Poland and the Czech Republic. That my dears was painful. Well off we go onto the next stool...TTFN

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