Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Changes in the wind

Long time since I blogged but I am in the process of coming thru many changes and passing milestones in the last 9 months. I have had the extreme pleasure of traveling to China and Italy. Taking in a whirlwind of sights,sounds cultures and more in a brief period of time. To see and experience the earth and peoples who shaped my life many centuries years ago was a humbling experience. To see the magnificent hand wrought art which survived all leaders and egos and artists, took my breath away and has induced many lovely daydreams ever since.

Life is full of changes and nothing remains the same and to my way of thinking we must continue to change learn and grow along with the rest of life. It doesn't mean that we cannot feel sad or perhaps even a bit scared with what the future holds for us. But carry on we must and create new and even better experiences.
With that in mind I wish to thank a very special friend, mentor and delightful business woman
Kathy Dannerbeck Creator and owner of BEADS & BEYOND Bellevue WA. For the past 14 or so years her vision of a place to buy,create with fab teachers, celebrate creativity,travel , meet and develop new friendships and artistic collaboration, promote other business that blend and enhance each other.

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