Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Night Irene

Mother’s Day took on a different tone this year.
Last year the two woman who figured prominently in our family both passed away in the latter part of 2008. My Mother lived several States away and Dear Ruthie was our dear Friend adopted Grandmother and all around loving sweetheart whom we shared holidays with for 25 years.
There have been many changes but the thing that struck deepest in my heart is not having anyone to find just the right gift for. One of my greatest joys in life is playing the part of Fairy Godmother and granting wishes to people who are dear to my heart.
Holidays have never been very traditional around our house. We follow a different pace and usually fit the day around the current chaos of owning your own service business being on 24 hour call.
Not to say we didn’t try to be sort of traditional
This year new events took place to help me fill the void from the absence of these 2 women in my life.
My dear Friend Kathy invited us up to the 11th annual Camano Island Studio Tour, which she and her husband Peter were helping with. The drive was about 2 hours from our house and we were very excited about meeting all the local artists and seeing all of the incredible work they produce as well as how they set up their studios.
There were about 35 Artists and the whole Island was involved. We were able to see about 5 different places in the short amount of time we allotted. (Next year I plan on staying the entire weekend.)
We started out at a Gallery By The Bay .
There was a fun collection of paintings and Cheeky ceramics’ including some great crows.
As well as some engaging paintings of Belly Dancers by Dianna Shyne.
( You know how I feel about belly dance) She told us the painting were from the perspective of a three year old who wandered into a group of dancers and got caught up in the swirl ,color and tinkle of belly dance movement at the annual solstice parade in Fremont.
Let me tell you they are delightful!!!
Then off we went to see marvelous watercolors by Juanita Hagberg.
Next Stanwood House Gallery & Art Center
Chaim Bezalel’s porcelain bowls as mixed media with photography of interesting things. They had some beautiful paintings as well as Native American bead work.
Then…. oh be still my heart.. up a winding road to John Ebner’s garden and ok his studio too.
This was a magnificent garden planted with hundreds and hundreds of tulip bulbs as well as lilies still in the teenage time of their lives. The entire garden was a work of art by its self.

His studio and had beautiful water colors of NW places displayed everywhere
I purchased a giclee of “Sunrise at Deception Pass”. (One of my favorite places)
Next Kathy Hutchinson Weaving Studio and our eyes were treated to magnificent color combinations of beautifully woven articles of clothing. I wanted to take home an armful and it was all I could do not to rub my face in the softness.
Alas time was slipping away and we had to wave bye-bye and head back to the City for our next appointment but on the way off the Island we popped by
Marc Boutte’ Glass yummy hand-blown and sculptured glass and as a final treat
Lance Carlton Recycled Metal Sculpture set out on the grass among the flowering Fruit Trees.
It was a great way to spend Mothers day it helped add juice to my creative self and meet new artists as well as spend time with lovely friends who also managed to give as a bathroom break as well as lunch on the run. Thanks For a great Day

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