Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Part two building a new office

Then at last we were granted our occupation permit and The big fellow was expecting a fight and had tensed himself ready to do battle. The last inspector arrived and simply signed off with out a whimper. He left and my dearest gladiator deflated and had to wobble home to rest.

The big move began the next day and now we are as snug as a bug in a rug. The office staff is sighing and fondly gazing out our windows at the ever changing sky.
Our first office weekly meeting happened in Ben’s office and after wards he crowed “ “WOW They all fit into my office” . It is lovely having a real kitchen complete with plenty of drawers.
We kept as much of the landscaping as possible. Of the seven apple trees we were able to save my favorite one. It stands about two and a half feet tall it survived all earth moving equipment dry weather and rabbit relocation. It stands proudly at the back of the property reminding us of the past as well as the future in this prime location.

We have been blessed by the land and the folks who lived here before us. As well as our terrific staff and families who depend on us now for work and support. It has been quite an adventure and we had a terrific group of young people who worked for us just to complete this project. This is our future and I am proud to say we are in great hands.
SO now you now the rest of the story. …..Where has the Wild Hair Queen been?

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