Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There's a Fire Burning in my Crystals

 Can you tell I have been enjoying Adele's 21, her newest release? Love it love it love it.
Meanwhile back to my life.. and my precious vintage crystals.

I have loved the sparkle of crystal since I was a wee child snooping in my Mother's jewelry box. I love the glamour of old Hollywood Jean Harlow, Mae West, Cary Grant (He was great as an arm ornament  without sparkle) Well you get the idea. I loved black and white movies with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and many more I adore.

The crystals I have been collecting for the last dozen years or so started out with just a few beauties I found at different antique fairs. I would hold them in my hand and drool slightly without damaging my outer worldly cool exterior and just manage to say " How much?"  Then one or two were not enough.  Soon I had to have the whole box, and then the box they were in became a set of drawers. The drawers became 2 sets of drawers. Crystals were spilling out into all the rooms of my house. I suspect they were having wild parties in the night while I was sleeping and perhaps reproducing. Of course I have no proof of this.  No teeny tiny liquor bottles flung about, or other signs of orgies. But they keep increasing in volume.

At last I made the decision that I could part with them and needed to find good creative folks to adopt their wee points and death defing sparkling color.  And so they can now become a complete new design in this century.

I spent some time combinding colors to create some unique  crystal collections. And I am shameless plugging my new Etsy Store open right now!!!  http://etsy.com/shop/wildhairstudio  If you see my ad on facebook there is a code for a 20% discount for a limited time. 

When you purchase a collection if you comment you saw my this blog post I will add another 10% off (please reference the title of this post "There's a Fire Burning in my Crystals"). After you submit your order on Etsy and send your paypal payment, I will adjust your invoice and send you a revised PayPal invoice with the new lower price. 

But you best get to gettin, because this offer only lasts until August 12th and only as long as supplies last.
Cheers Peg

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