Monday, December 02, 2013

November Full Moon #8

November Moon's 2013 Little Alters arrives to Cyn today.  It's been a busy month of Nov. for the Kostalhaus as Karl, my husband retires this month with 36 years with King County Parks.  This month finds me very grateful for the wonderful career Karl has had with the KC Parks Dept. and the very special journey we've taken these many years together.

My inspiration this month for Cyn was Birdie's.  I know Cyn loves black birds and thought a pair of birdy earrings would be special for her and a challenge for me.  Soldering has been my main focus this session at school.  A couple of years ago during an outing at the Washington House on the coast, I was the LUCKY recipient of a great book "Chains Chains Chains: 25 necklaces, bracelets & earrings" by Joanna Gollberg and Nathalie Mornu.  I chose "Flock" by designer: Shirlee Grund.  It's 4 birdies loosely soldered together and hung as earrings. I also made Cyn's single birdie post earrings and have almost finished (2) pins that have a Brass back with 3 Silver birdies stacked on the front.  Soldering takes practice, practice and still more practice.

I had some salmon colored handmade paper for the background and used some sweet paper flowers for the side borders.  ( Peg had included it in one of our many Littler Alter mailings).  I always find myself getting out the wonderful dyed wools and chose deep maroon, orange and green to twirl with grape thread.  I spun it around the copper wire piece and taped each end down on the backside of the original piece; then glued another piece of salmon paper (with title) over the backside to finish it off.  Placed the birdie earrings onto the copper piece and glued the bottom of the pine cone to the paper.  I love the natural effect the pine cove gives next to the birdies. Food supply or nest floor!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, see you in Jan. 2014,
lazy k  


  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I love your background and the birds are perfect little sweeties! I wish my husband would get more into metal working because I have lots of ideas for him-like your birdies!! Hugs, Beth

  2. Kimberly, my altar addition arrived safe and sound and is absolutely delightful!! The birdies are amazing!! What a very special treat!! Thank you! Thank YOU!!
    Cheers, Cyn