Monday, August 17, 2015

Inviting the Fae into your life and Home

 As you may or may not know I am a natural clairvoyant, healer and shaman. I have been studying and working in the  metaphysical world for over 35 years. I recently opened my practice to the public and combined with my art work as well as many other faceted of my life have stepped out into the world to  spend the years I have remaining making the world a little better than I found it. I have a private online Faerie group where we explore and share encounters and ideas as well as celebrate in ceremony the four seasons and equinox ans solstice points of each calendar year.

 Here is a question I received recently,

I may have asked this before but are faeries really afraid of iron?? I'm making a inside faery garden and the room I may have to keep it in has iron things in it! Stuff of my husband's like weights and things so I can't get rid of it lol 😑

The question has been raised several times about the Fae and iron. In my experience there are no issues. Think about it for a moment iron is an element of the earth and the gnomes and elves who work with metals, stones and minerals encounter it and create with it.
 According to many old Faeires tales faeries stayed away from iron as it was toxic to them. Some of this knowledge or information started during the Iron Age as the earth was rapidly changing in ways we hunted and built things. Much of nature was destroyed and cleared out to make way for “progress”. The small tribes of people who relied on stone and wood to hunt and protect them were suddenly wiped out as the tools were no match for the new metals. There became a great fear of iron as it ended life quickly and suddenly.
 Faeries are in partnership with nature and green and growing things and have watched many many places wiped out and modernized or simply destroyed for greed or human foolishness.
 The Fae went into seclusion and left their legacy mostly to stories and tales shred around the fire late at night. But some people began to take notice and see how all is connected and our natural world   needs us to actively protect and admire as well as been a part of it.  The shifts in energy and recent ( and I mean in the last 40 years) have brought about a coming together of humans and the Fae working together in a partnership to balance out this world..
 So to answer your question your husband’s weight lifting equipment will not prevent your connection or honoring place for the Faeries. Your intent and desired to connect and be a part of the Faerie connection is the most important part of your setting up a Faerie Altar.
 And like many of us certain things are not healthy for us and cause allergic reactions. You may encounter some Fae who feel that way about iron. But they know and understand such matters and will stay away from them. Think of it as if you were allergic to eating apples but you loved seeing orchards of apple trees. You could still go and admire smell and enjoy the orchard but you knew not to eat the apple.
 Stop worrying about rules and am I doing this the right way. Open your heart and mind and simply believe in the Fae and the doorways will open. Give thanks for the tiny miracles we are shown each and every day , sunrise a child’s laughter, flowers in bloom, dandelion seed heads… and clean up trash, respect Mother Earth as bit by bit you make the world a better place

. Peg 2015

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