Monday, February 22, 2016

Sessions with Emerald Heart

I am a keeper of stories a seer of patterns and connections of life and all that ribbons forth between worlds. I am a shaman of the Fae and tell their stories of connection and help people understand the sacred oneness of everyday life. I walk between the worlds and have been tagged as a messenger as well as bringer of the light into the dark parts of your soul.

There is such every day magic right before our eyes.. It only needs our attention and praise for the enrichment of our hearts and souls each day.

 Most faerie sightings occur in the quiet of early morning as well as the last moment before the sun has set and the magical twilight of the night has begun.  It is a special time between the worlds, when day and night mix and mingle but is not completely one thing or the other but a thinning of the barrier between worlds. It is those times that we often see the twinkle or catch the wing shimmers or flutters of the Fae.

 And they assure me that they love and enjoy the encounters as much as we do.
The Findhorn Garden is another great source and where I first began learning about the plant devas and connections of a healthy garden to a healthy life.

In my 38 years of working in this field I have 2 Fae who channel directly to me. 
Emerald Heart Fae is my main guide and friend. 

The following is a message I received from her when someone asked me what the third kingdom was.

 In my understanding the First Kingdom is God/Goddess and where our spirit dwells when not in active service here

 The second Kingdom is our lives here and now including all the animals, birds, sea creatures and insects.

The third kingdom refers to the unseen worlds of the Devi's (spirits who help each plant) the Fae (the entire grouping of the faerie races), Angels, star beings and other energies and all beings that have the honor of taking care of the earth and all of her inhabitants.

As well it includes the mostly invisible energies that form the golden and silver energy netting from which all life flows. This kingdom shares the same importance as the first  which is the kingdom of God and heaven and second kingdom is human and  all who walk, fly, swim and glide on and through the earth.

We are giving you this definable way to understand and open your eyes and heart to the fairies. There is much healing of this world that will take place when there is more of a human / Fae connection. There is much love from the Fae that has been held awaiting the day when the bridge has been built again between us and we may travel freely between the worlds.

One of the most important factors in beginning to build this bridge is the loving and honoring of one’s own spirit. For without honoring and understanding how each and every spirit belongs in the great song of all life.   We are unable to connect, in days past and we mean hundreds of years in your time. The human race was struggling to understand and evolve. Some were able to see us and many lessons were exchanged and tales told around the fire light were lessons of education to those who only had the barest of understanding of words or recorded history.. There was many misunderstandings and there came a time for us to withdraw from the human race as you evolved. As with all life there is a cycle and a season as you would say for change and we are now preparing to come together with you as is foretold in the shifts and energy changes that have taken place in this last 10 years..

 When we value ourselves we open our hearts and spirit to feel the oneness of relationship with all.  As these changes take place we build our bridge of connection and help to bring the world into a new time.

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