Sunday, February 19, 2006

Feb Organizing

At last the clutter is beginning to be a thing of the past. For the last few weeks this queen has been pulling apart the rat's nest of glitch ,boxes,journals, bags from various shopping trips, special mementoes pretty bits of glass, paper to nice to throw away ( perhaps I will find a use for it!) Bills, receipts bobbie pins, beads,silver,beads,pearls, art supplies.......................... Anyway you get the idea. It has been such a freeing experience.
Being raised by depression era parents with phobias of never enough I am being hit with the cold slap of reality of a different nature. It is possible to have too many choices and materials causing the inability to make any decisions about using things. The clutter causes a sort of brain freeze. Had a great idea going in the studio to pull need supplies, instead seeing the mountain of clutter and turning around and leaving.
Finally I snapped and have been rearranging,giving way,throwing away,putting away and generally cleansing my studio of things that no longer reflect who I am now.
It has been a long and sometime scary project but I do see light at the end of the tunnel
Hurrah.... It has also been wonderful seeing my supplies in a new way.
I was lucky enough to find an old metal map cabinet painted it black lined the drawers in that new mesh rubber drawer liner so everything stays in place. I discovered those lovely tins with glass tops to put all of the wee bits and pieces in and I can view all of the goodies in each drawer. Still have a ways to go to finish but things are progressing. Any one else have ideas for organizing supplies?
Of course it would be much easier if I only had one or two interests. HA

I work in warm glass, mettlesome, metalclay artist & teacher, seed bead weaver, enamel artist.
whew also love knitting, sewing and fabric painter. The world is full of so many interesting things how can I choose just one.
tata more to come later

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