Sunday, February 05, 2006

Welcome to wild hair studio

Hello this is my first blog. What you may ask is Wild Hair Studio? It is a creative space one I feel free to design and create my art. It 's name comes from a stream of ideas which flow thru my brain. In dreams and in often the worst times when a pencil and paper are no where to be found some of my best ideas occur. But they are like Wild Hair tickling and poking my spirit until I surrender and write them down or draw the dream. Often they niggle and remind me time is short and time to create is now. Dinner will wait just a few moments more. I happen to be blessed with a wonderful family and sisters by choice. One of whom is my business partner. We have a small company of delightful goodies for the creative beaders,doll makers and quilters as well as metalsmiths.
She and I have traveled around collecting vintage beads,sequins,buttons,rosemontee`s and my favorite mmmmmmm vintage swarovski crystals. Our newest collection are the rhinestones that actually need to be set. The colors are so vibrant you could almost fall into them and spend the afternoon's I have seen them beaded and was delighted with the wonderful effect. My friends and fellow artists have created some beautiful pieces. When I get this blog figured out I will post photos of them .
So the point of Wild Hair Studio is not about having wild hair but from getting some.
Then taking your dreams to creation Some times the wildest ideas have turned into my favorite things.
Let's save How I became the Queen of Possibilities for another post
Keep dreaming

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