Monday, September 22, 2008

Crystals Silver & Cake

I am a teacher of metal clay* epoxy resins* fused glass* and beading. I have been exploring art and form and color all of my life. I remember being stopped in my tracks at a very young age by the shape of a cloud. I see unique possibilities in ordinary things and simply love color and sparkle. And funny thing crows have been showing up in my life, some quietly appearing in cards or in a sweet teapot for one with a persimmon for a lid. I am watching this trend to see what else it brings.And in the tradition of crows and their attraction to treasures I am treating you to the fab creations from our local chapter of the PMC Guild. to end our 4th year we had a crystal challenge. What is PMC? and what kind of crystals you may ask???

Well first off the crystals I have been collecting and selling vintage swarovski rivolis and Margarita style crystals for about 4 years I have been collecting for much longer and have been finally convinced and prepared to share them with other crows(Artists) I have 96 colors and the crystals were created from the late 1890's to the 1960s. It has been a crazy journey and many were purchased merely by description sight unseen. But what a droolfest when the boxes arrive and they were carefully unboxed and catching and send light swirling thru the room. Some days just to cheer my self up I would open up the boxes and just pet each little juicy bit of color. I live in the NW and it really helps brighten up a dark day.

The tricky part with these beauties are that they are created like faceted semi-precious stones and are meant to be set in traditional settings They were meant to replace rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires in times where only the very wealthy could afford such luxuries. And of course WWII caused many of these to be hidden away and then forgotten. I love things with a history and stories to pass along and creating jewelry with vintage pieces is very satisfying to me blending the past with the present.... And so our Challenge PMC or Precious Metal Clay is the newest and most intriguing way to work with fine silver. It begins in a clay form then worked in different techniques fired in a kiln at 1650 the clay portion burns away and pure silver takes on what ever form it was given in the clay stage and you have a very interesting and new way to work in metal.

Here are the delightful results
Created by Esse Lyle

Created by JoAnn Harlan

Created By Lisa Lee

Created by Lynn Hranac

Created by Kimberly Kostel

JoAnn Harlan was our grand champion with her leaf and flower collage. But I was really overwhelms by every one's thoughtful entry and original designs, Lynn's trumpet flower has the crystal hidden as a surprise at the opening of the flower so you see subtle flashes of color and need to peer closer to see more. Esse combined paper clay and paste to create a many petaled flower with a jeweled center and this has led her on a journey to create more of the wee beauties for a stunning necklace coming soon. Kimberley's whimsical spider and web in a delightful look at mother nature and web spinning which is not as easy as it looks. Lisa inspired by the sea and spirals took the form and explored and created in both silver and wool embellished with gems.

I was so pleased to see each entry and the joyful expression each person achieved. We also had a great party and wore mad hatter tea party hats . Thanks to all of you who participated and joined us in our celebration

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