Wednesday, February 18, 2009


As you may notice from my last blog I had a glitch and was unable to finish my last posting. I was madly typing away giggling as I typed with a particular turn of a phrase( one of those which pops out and is a small gem of a thought) When I glanced up and realized nothing was going on the screen. I fiddled with every button and saved my current work several times but nothing would change. I even opened up word to see if perhaps I had moved into a black hole on my blog screen???
I have always felt there is a small army of teeny tiny people who make the magic happen when I am using my computer. and when things fail or simply don't work I figure it must be time for a coffee break for the fore mentioned army.
I know at the office there is a wee fellow who lives in the server and decides every odd now and then..."HUMMMMM I think I will erase everything and make folks start over. What fun to see them swear, and sweat pushing and poking to no avail. Perhaps if they said nice things to me instead of making naughty remarks about my mother I might behave"

This makes more sense to me than geek speak. But I bow to the experts so I call my children. SOS my computer is not working...So after a series of questions and hopefully the right answers my daughter the engineer asked" did you check the batteries in the keyboard?"
Well good golly miss molly she was right. Of course it took a bit to race down stairs find several kinds of batteries for I failed to inquire of my key board which batteries it required. then of course while I was in the kitchen a cuppa tea sounds oh so nice then while searching for the tea the cat wanted in, so I stepped out side for the air was soft and sweet and begged to be ingested,which led me to some small sprigs pushing up thru the dark wet soil reaching for the sun as a glimpse of yellow caught my eye and I wandered over to see the tiny crocus heralding the return of spring.
Then a shrill sound reached my ears as my brain registered the shriek of the tea kettle. Off I galloped to rescue the boiling water and pour it over my tea leaves to calm and sooth my soul. Finally with tea in hand and batteries in pocket I returned to my computer and luck of all luck got the right size on the first try. Replaced then and my keyboard began to sing again. But then time reared it's insistent head and I had to head off to other appointments.
So At last I freed up a bit of time and am leaving you with my short tale of stolen spring is coming moments Ta ta for now

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