Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter Break

Had a lovely 4 days in Tucson at the end of a very dreary month of January. Very kind friends of ours invited us to come and stay for a wee bit and catch some mild winter sun. I grew up in The northern parts of the southwest and had experienced the desert and was not eager to spend a lot of time there. But never had I been to Tucson or in that kind of desert scenery. But I was delightfully enchanted by the cactus and the mountains. Birds were everywhere bursting out in song . The air was clear and cool , then rising up to shirt sleeve weather during midday.

Our hosts were so fun and they showed us around to many wonderful sights and events and a couple of very good resturants. SIGH................It was great.

Then came the icing on the cake The Tucson Gem show. I was actually there at the very begining before the main shows even opened. We went to 2 different shows and I nearly lost my mind with the plethora of goodies laid out in inviting ways on the tables at each booth.

Bucket after bucket of raw precious stones were there waiting for the lapidary minded to seek out new stock. Pearls in every shape and color making me wonder if there wern't a lot of tired oysters taking a well deserved nap. Cut stone strand, beads, cabs, beads and more and this was only the first day in just a few booths.

The main show wasn't even set to open till the following Thursday.

Soon it became hard to carry on a conversation because my eyes whould not remain in one place. They darted back and forth as my mind streamed out idea after idea of designs. I had a block in my mind of the many things I already own and the list I had put together for "just a few things" HA!!!! No such luck.

The bags I carried became heavier and heavier and my bank account became more and more empty.
but what bliss

i had the best time.
i needed to borrow another suitcase to get all the loot home. But again my friend came to the rescue and lent me a well tra

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