Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BIDDING ON Auction Items

  Dear Reader

.The auctions are not live yet I am hoping to start them today and will put up the information  on this blog, on facebook and on the Art and Soul groups on yahoo to begin the bidding after they are ready.
 Items are still coming in and I am writting descriptions an taking measurments to assure you  know what you are bidding on

I put  items on my blog so folks have the time to get a preview of  all of the lovely items before the auction begins

Please understand
I am working a full time job as well as trying to keep the rest of the world moving smoothly and doing this in my spare time.

So if you can help promote this auction I would really appreciate it. Send your friends to this blog to preview  all of the wonderful donated items

Monday  1/17/2011 a Photographer ( Esse Lyle) donated 9 hours of time getting the photographing all the items.  This was a big undertaking and Esse is a wonderful photographer. Great photographs will let you see the fab items in their full glory and help you decide what you would like to bid on.

 Today I have another person coming to get the auctions listed and ready to go live. I am running as fast as I can and my goal is to get everything ready to go live today. I may space items out so everyday  5 items go up for auction but I am waiting for the results of today to make those decisions. 

THANK YOU THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has helped make this happen

Midnight Blues by Randy Drobny

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