Thursday, January 13, 2011

Auction Items 3 Art and Soul

Kathy Gould sent us these delightful  pieces for our upcoming ebay auction 
First Guns'n' Money Earrings created from spent bullet casings embellished with brass filigree and fringe made of shredded money from the US mint

From her artist statement
"I enjoy creating jewelry that has an elemnet of whimsy, or the bizarre, and sometimes requires a double take. Instead of explaining the inspiration or meaning of the pieces I prefer to let the viewers decide that for themselves. Or not.  Jewelry can jsut be something fun that you like to wear"
Kathy Gould
See more of Kathy's work at
Lips Necklace
antique doll eye encased in lips of polymer clay. haung on a 16" Brass Ox Chain.
This wee sweetie can sit on a penny and you can still see a bit of edge.  Trying to give you an idea of size
Puzzle pendant brass frame is embellished with charms,chain,drops,and has a clear acrylic front. the image inside has 3 holes and 3 brass balls reminiscent of old children's dexterity puzzles. Pendant is hung on 2 strands of Brass Ox chain with filigree beads

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