Monday, February 14, 2011

Thanks to one and all

Happy Valentines Day

Today I had the pleasure of sending off a check to the Lawyers who are handling the Kiss my Fanny Mr Banker Fund.

Our final total was $1276.91.

I would like to send a big flappentine hug to each of you who helped make this happen. Thanks to each artist who created and shipped each beautiful item. Some of you were so generous to send several items.

Then there were the buyers you guys were fantastic. It was very fun to see all those wonderful things go flying out the door and into the boxes to begin their journeys to their new homes. We also had several donations and a private collector come by after the Ebay auctions and pick up a few items.

So dear Glenny Happy Valentines Day from all of us. May this small token give you a glimpse of the many wonderful people who thank you for the wonderful experience of Art & Soul and are cheering you on in this most difficult economic times for all

Watch for me in Portland this September as we have some more Fat Books we will be auctioning off to keep moving forward.

Cheers Peg

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