Monday, February 28, 2011

Mining for Silver

I took a wee rest after the frenzy of the Art & Soul auction spend some much needed time reducing,reusing and recycling many of those forgotten spots in my home where bits and pieces manage to find their way into the black hole of house keeping. It has been a great feeling to pass on many items we have outgrown, for what ever reason, and find some breathing room and a sense of order.

I hauled away many loads to the local thrift shop, senior center and passed items on to my offspring and several friends starting new lives. At last I could gather my thoughts and head into my studio, or perhaps I should say one of my studios: my "beads-silver-vintage-fabric-pieces-metal-clay-tools-hammers-wire-tools-buttons-vintage-crystals-bronze-copper-findings-finished-work" studio. As opposed to studio number 2, the "heavy-duty-studio-in-the-garage-for-kilns-chemicals-torches-resin-and-glass" studio, for which I am planning an update soon.

In studio 1 I am sorting and organizing all similar objects together. What a wonderful experience. Not only am I organizing, but I'm also taking a trip down memory lane. I'm finding things purchased and discovering lost items which I was unaware were lost ( which makes them all the sweeter of a find). This is now keeping me from repeatedly buying the same items. Do you do that?

Well at last I reached my stash of metal clay creations, joyfully created in the past 12 years. Wow, I was overwhelmed. As I discovered each piece and gathered them together, all at once they began to babble "Remember me?! Remember you were going to... wouldn't I look cool with...." So that is where I am at the moment getting ready to blast off into my creation mode and add some forgotten dreams to my immediate future.

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