Friday, March 18, 2011

On Display at Maloney's Florist: Flowers, Gifts, and Tribal Bits

Just this week Peg & I stopped into Maloney's Florist, located on Meridian in Puyallup between the car dealerships, to inject some Tribal Bits among the flowers, lovely glass vases, teddy bears, cards, gorgeous silk arrangements, and potted spring beauties. In days gone by, Peg had dressed and adorned many a shop windows in the Puget Sound area. So, this task was a delight and brought back memories to us both. Oh what fun we had!

As you walk into the shop, you'll immediately see the lovely front counter and cooler filled with delicious spring flowers. Then, if you turn to your left, you'll see the long wall of windows which draws your eye right to the new tribal display. We brought a wide spread of items to show you how much variety Peg has available from trivets to coats and wall hangings to helmets. Every piece is unique and has been created from what ever materials were available to the artist.

Several years ago, because of her interest in Belly Dancing, Peg was introduced to some people who were selling vintage dance pieces that had been passed down through their families. Their reason to sell these treasures was to help their own families and fellow countrymen survive as they were fleeing their homes to escape the Taliban. Despite all of what they have gone through, these people maintain a happy disposition and are just grateful to be alive.

If you find yourself venturing through Puyallup to buy flowers, look at purchasing a new car (cars cost less in Puyallup, you know...), or sift through the aisles and booths of all the wonderful antiques stores, please take a moment to pop into Maloney's show room and admire the special pieces in the tribal display. Nearly everything that's in the display is for sale (look for the tags!). Pick up your own piece and maybe you'll just find that inspiration to dance that you've been looking for. If you cannot be present in Puyallup , never fear, just watch the Etsy store because we will be posting more tribal goodies.

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