Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Working with Pendulums

 Using your own Magical tools are important they need not be expensive or trendy, but they must make your heart and soul feel as a unit working toward your goal.

Being and feeling comfortable with your self is the most important and the fact that this is your time to interact with the Universe, God, Goddess, Great Spirit whoever you are in tune with. Your open heart and willingness to do the spiritual work at hand is all that is required. All the rest is window dressing. My rituals are meant to bring you closer to your guides, teachers and faerie beings in order to help you move along your path experiencing, living and enjoying this life you have right here right now. The Fae have brought me great joy and connection to Mother Earth and my ability to do my work  with helping, healing ,blessing, passing on messages and more to my fellow travelers.

I have spent countless hours reading hundreds of books, in class, in ritual, in practice, with many different spiritual practices and dogmas. I am writing a series of blogs in how to work with some simple tools to help guide you in making decisions.

A basic pendulum is defined as 
:  a body suspended from a fixed point so as to swing freely to and fro under the action of gravity and commonly used to regulate movements (as of clockwork)
This was one of my first, cherry word from pruning.eye screw and twine. I carried in my pocket and asked many many questions in learning what,where,how and why I liked it as a tool and what were the best ways to use it on a daily basis. Somethings I learned the hard way and in the process learned to try myself.

  •  Made a simple chart with Yes written on one side and No on the other.
  •  Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand between your thumb and first finger while resting your elbow on the table to remain steady.
  •  Hold it over yes and ask show me your signal for Yes.
  •  Make note is it going in a circle or is it moving back and forth or side to side? 
  •  Then move over to the other side and ask the same of No.
  • Practice is very important and do it as often as possible.
  •  Pendulums are meant for questions asked with a yes or no answer. SIMPLE questions.
  •  This is not a computer  and the answers you get  are based on the factors in place at moment and time of your inquiry.
  •  Free will plays into long term questions and answers will vary according the all factors.
  •  Practice is your friend and  the more comfortable you are the better.
  •  Here are a couple of exercises to increase your skill make a more complex chart

Sometimes I get an answer I don't want so my rule is ask the same question 3 times.
 In this chart I added 2 extra sections
 Not Now means back off you are getting a head of your self and  so try asking again in a day or two 
 Hell No means ABORT Find a new way  but do not attempt to force your way into or through this. 
 This one I have pushed the envelope one too many times and ended up having to do more clean up than  had I simply listened to this advice.
 Being human means many of you will test this to the limit and I will add..... keep a roll of paper towels, moist wipes,aspirin and garbage bags in your car. you can thank me later.

When you bring in your daily mail turn the envelopes over before looking and use your pendulum to practice for accuracy. Is this a request for money?
Is this good news? Is this dumb junk?
Does this have a coupon for free Pizza?
 in pencil note your answer then see what your accuracy rate was.

 If you have know food allergies hold your pendulum over the allergy food and 
see what reaction you get?
 Is it yes or no or do you get entirely new formation shape?

 Try it  on products you use in your home. Most of all make it fun and enjoyable. I have owned several different pendulums in my life and they each produce different signals for Yes and No, I learned always to test then out when I use them especially when I haven't used it in a while. I have even had some that would not move for anything in my hands but did the huchi kuchi dance for someone else..
 Let me know how you are doing and send me photos of your pendulum 

 Cheers Peg

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