Monday, August 01, 2016

How do I connect to my spirit guides?

Many people long for communication and guidance  with their spirit guides and teachers, loved ones from the other side or the Fae ( Faeries, mythical beings, Ect). My path to  receiving this gift was full of many trails and much advice which distilled down to some very simple steps.

Trust your own feelings, test the hell out of them.. But trust for you are the only one who can know what goes on in your own heart. 

Spend time everyday unplugged and alone. Start with a few minutes and build up to longer times. You are your own best friend and constant companion.

Spend time in nature daily.

Take long baths or showers and dream or imagine what you would talk about with your spiritual advisers.

Read read read books, stories, faerie tales, spiritual books and grand glorious novels 

Write with a pen or pencil on real paper every day. Start by coping phrases or quotes than inspire or uplift you. Then you can see where the writing takes you. 

Use your imagination for this is the key to communicate with those in the unseen world say prayers of thanks out loud to whom ever you pray to. This is especially effective when spending time in nature, gardening, at the beach or lake and while driving. Make one of those prayers thank you for helping me to walk in beauty and grace.

Listen with your 3rd mind as you create a daily practice. Your 3rd mind is the part of your mind that is the observer and the witness of your awake and sleeping life, the recorder of dreams, hunches, inspiring actions, boldface lies and untruths. It is the part of you that puzzles out problems and helps you understand. 

Love all of you both the light and the dark, for every aspect of you is important and worthy of understanding and observation and celebrating as they are uniquely you!

Be patient 

Build little altars everywhere and change them when inspired.  Simply or complicated from a feather and a rock to a faerie garden. Do what will inspire and uplift your heart. Then change when it is no longer making your heart go flitter flop. 

Love, trust and a little bit of faerie dust.. Peg
Faeries art Arthur Racham

Time to just be. 

Charm casting. 

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