Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Season of the Mermaid

Tis the season of the Mermaid. 
The element of water on the turning wheel of the seasons. 

Water in all forms begins it's  annual return to the great seas. The wind gathers and coaxes the cloud brothers to gather the stray drops in increasing volumes preparing for the wild sky theater arriving in October and November. 

Beneath the sea is the Kingdom of the Merfolks, for my dear there are not only mermaids but mermen, women, grandmothers, grandfathers and even mer-uncles who tell jokes and attend oyster shell events with glee. 

Mermaids bring hope and blessings of freedom. Teaching us how to be more fluid and adapt to our environment to make to truly ours. Finding treasures in unexpected places. Remembering if we truly want to achieve a goal it happens drop by drop or in people speak " step by step" till we reach our chosen goal. 

They teach us to sing out our troubles  and release them to the Sea. Those troubles that seem so overwhelming and impossible when caught by the wind. Carried over the waves and down into the endless depths of water become diluted broken down into tiny bits carried out far and wide to  listening ears and hearts  of the Mermaid clans who pray and connect with the song of life. 

New notes in the song return to your heart  in  unexpected blessings and hope. 

All elements, each particle no matter how small are connected in the song of life.
 Each takes a season in our ride around the sun. Every single tiny speck has a reason and job to perform in the never ending song of life. 

Spring brings us the element of air
And the winged ones Faerie, butterfly, bird, insect and us

Summer offers Fire. Season of the Dragons, Phoenix Birds and Salamanders

Autumn offers Water and our current season of the Mermaids and all who dwell around and near the water. 

Winter brings us Earth. The Gnomes, elves, trolls and all who walk crawl or slither. 

Take some time soon to visit the sea and say Hello you never know who might be listening. 
Blessings from the sea

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