Monday, February 26, 2007

Close up Tracy Stanley's Stool

The snail proved true to it's nature as a pest by tangling my thread in it's antennae to many times to count So that the snail won't munch on those lovely flowers and fruits, it is nestled in a bed of leaves. No fair putting out snail/slug bait... Sandra Jaech

So how does your garden grow? with wisteria, grape vines and
strawberries.....Kathy Dannerbeck
Garden sign by Tracy
Grow with spirit became my mantra. Spirit of joy, spirit of beauty spirit of friendship. My garden addition is of the small almost missed spirits... those small quick glances we encounter which are magical. My Nature Spirit guards this peaceful place and adds a bit of magic for all who visit .....Peg Gyldenege

These are some excerpts and close ups of several artists work in Tracy's journal.
After I add a new stool I will then add details at the next posting.
I feel like I have fallen back into the time warp of working on this projects. I can still feel the anticipation and dread of what am I going to do for this stool to the bang of the idea exploding into the grey matter between my ears and pushing me to begin to create. I can not imagine my life if I was unable to make things from the time I could hold a pencil in my hand I have been fascinated in the act of creation. I began to embroider simple cross stitch tablecloths at the age of 5. My mother believed busy hands are happy hands especially if I was making something for her. I always looked at the world with a different viewpoint than anyone in my family,church or neighborhood.
I was called weird, goofy and strange so often that I began to embrace it. My mind is always at work seeing color and design where my family only saw weeds or the pleasing combination of salad greens and fresh tomatoes with that wee bit of carrot to make the red color pop off your plate. Mixing colors in paint and seeing what mixed together to create new exciting colors.
At my house pink was the color that ruled the universe. My mother wore only 3 colors red, pink and more pink. The entire house was decorated in on shade of pink or another. Except my room and my brothers rooms. They received the traditional blue and I chose Lavender I wanted deep dark purple the Royal deep dark blue purple of twilight. My favorite at the time. But alas I had to settle for lavender. I thought I would choke on pink and I hated the color with a passion and still refuse to wear it. Perhaps it is that which placed me firmly on the path of color exploration In my work I always push my self to explore different colors many of which I am uncomfortable working until I become entranced with the possibilities of combinations and the way color seems to lead me down a wonderful path of seeing the world in a new way.
Enjoy your color experiences peek out at the world through the new brilliant green which is slowly merging forth at the beginning of our spring season and the enchanting blooms of our snowdrops,daffodils & tulips.

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