Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I love color. I have tried for many years to curb this often overwhelming part of my personality. I have tried to be neutral and live with gray and beige but even on the grayest of days Some where a bit of color will catch my eye and send me off on a journey thru color. ai happen to live in a special place when often in the deepest part of winter we have a sweet but brief time of false spring. the buds of the snow drops burst open winter pansy wink at me in splendid vibrant color while green takes on so many varieties as to stagger the mind.

Just for the moment the air feels like velvet and deep breaths almost make me dizzy being filled with so many soothing promises of spring on the way. But do nit be fooled Winter is far from over and we will feel the lash of winter again.

this picture is a beaded evening I created called Journey. It represents a journey I encountered with my collection of vintage beads and a 1920's purse frame.


  1. Peg this is one of my favorite purses. I love all the color I wish I was that free with color. R

  2. Queen Peg: this blog looks very professional!! Keep showing off your pretties and let everyone see how talented you are!!!!! Beth

  3. this is cool. Good luck with this.