Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Glass

there's no place like mine
 Here is my
"Help me celebrate I turned 60 and want to thank my fans and friends"
 social media  giveaway.
  Created in my studio with glass, cutters, resins  and kilns.
 One of my favorite mediums to work with is glass. I love all processes involved. Color plays such an important role in my daily life.
and the qualities of glass really bring me such joy.
 I like to cut ,clean and assemble in the afternoon Fire then anneal so I can pop out to the studio in a early morning with a mug of coffee and my robe and slippers to crack open the kiln and see the wonders that fire and basic elements have created along with a wee bit of my imagination.

Oh the possibilities.

There are still a few more days left in June to add your name to  my give away list.
And a big Thank you to those of you who left such nice responses.

winter garden
over here

ruby forest

  my sunny day

green days

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