Monday, June 06, 2011

Leaving a comment

I have received several emails about being unable to leave a comment for my giveaway this month. So I went to my guru of social media Gwen and pleaded for help . IN bold are instructions for leaving comments. I had open comments when I first began blogging but a group of evil spammer toads decided to use the comment to leave nasty remarks and spam out from this blog so I closed it to the way it is now.

Thanks for being a reader and joining in my contest. I am waiting anxiously for my kilns to heat up to fire my Spring kimono for the second firing adding enamel to the flower blooming at the hemline.
I am adding my prayers to the fire goddess for a perfect firing between the silver and the enamel.

Meanwhile, here are some pics of my mystical mosaics I have been working on since last summer. They passed the endless rain of last winter and I will be adding to them as the weather warms up. I have yet to post the pics of the dragon who is in the middle of my creation. Coming soon...
Mermaid with child

undersea garden

King Merman off to greet the dragon

Leaving a comment:
  • Click the "... comments" to leave comment from blog post. Note, this will show a number based on the # of comments already made. If none, the number will be zero. ex: "0 comments". You'll find this next to the envelope icon.
  • At bottom of comment field, select “comment as" and choose the best option for you.

Also note that you can share any post via email, facebook, twitter, blog in reply, google buzz, etc.

1 comment:

  1. Okay, now I'm excited! All fixed and I can leave a comment :). Here's my first test!

    Thanks, Social Media Guru.

    And thank you Peg for all your good work. Looking forward to all your new stuff - and I like your mosaics!