Thursday, April 30, 2009

Future blog posts

More homework for Blog Triage Class. 20 subjects for blog posts really set my mind to tilt a whirl time but here goes
Favorite new Art supplies
a. Resin
b. Bronzclay
c. patinas with paint
e .silkcreens and fabric
f. molding objects
g. pmc paper
h pmc and enamel
i texture plates
Current projects that keep me creative
j. knitting
k. crochet

l. fused glass
m. PMC
n. Wire working
o. felting
p. bead embroidery
q. beads stringing
r. Resinss.vintage collage

Paper pods and weaving,
resin collage
mosaic with vintage pieces
resin molds

Reviews of my favorite new books and music
Beads swaps


I supply some ingredients you supply your design and we vote for our favorite

Collaborative work ..projects I have completed with other artist

FAQ's from Shows

FAQs from classes

Vintage Delights

Interesting places to visit off the beaten trail

Dear Reader that is just the beginning of my list,

This was a daunting task before I began it but it has gathered speed as I start to write down ideas and now it is beginning to have a life of it's own. can't wait to see where this road will led me down.. Hang on it going to be a fun ride

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