Monday, April 27, 2009

Creative Spirits Weekend

Remarkable is the only way to describe our weekend retreat. Fourteen of us gathered at Kathy’s home on the island. Large quantities of food was carried in by each guest as well as bottle after bottle of wine. The mound was sumptuous and yummy odors wafted enticingly throughout the spacious kitchen.
Peter was the most delightful host moving among each gathering offering more wine or a snappy bit of conversation, building a cheery fire in a small pit so we could enjoy a sea and stars and a sip of our favorite beverage
Sleeping bags and fat foam mats were stowed away along with our clothing for the next day. Kathy opened up her studio for us to work in. Many tables were lined up while a handy wheelbarrow ferried the project supplies. Kiln and accouterments made an appearance and were place ready for action.
Oh you should have seen the collections of storage boxes, tiny to large filled with each artists ideas of what they could not do with out to create this weekend. There were clay supplies, beautiful papers, clever paper punches, knitting projects, gems and jewels, copper, silver and a new bronze wire.

Each place at each table had a clever paper bag filled with treats to welcome us. Kim brought her wire coiling machine and shared her bracelet design, Kathy taught us Viking knit wire weaving. I shared tips on Mold making as Kathy’s home had the most unique cabinet knobs. We made a mold of our shell findings at the beach, which translated beautifully into PMC silver.
We combed the beach for inspiration, then drove around drinking in the atmosphere of island life. Then returned refreshed to work and learn from each other.
I wish you could have been there it was so much fun.
Sunday morning
we were greeted by the fresh aroma of baking sweet rolls and coffee.
What a special group of artists who are also clever and excellent cooks. A yummy breakfast and loads of conversation readied us for a shot of creative fervor. You should have seen the ideas and possibilities flying through that room. Out of the chaos, beautiful work was revealed by each artist.
We even had a weekend visit from Flat Stanley who is traveling through our fair state and being photographed in all the hot spots before being returned to his creator
Then a yummy lunch and we finished firing our creations and then … (sniff sniff tears and sadness) it was time to return to our own lives and close this magical island weekend
I wish you could have been there.


  1. I am happy you all had such a wonderful time. I am sad to be so far away and miss these creative events. I am busy "gourding" away but I miss making jewelry with you all.

  2. I LOVE the elf! Hysterical! Super cute.

    Bummed that I wasn't able to join the fun.

  3. Great site Madame QoP, love the colors and the Elf. Love the green jeans! Thank you for the gathering. Lazy K