Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home work

I am engaged in a new 4 week class called Blog Triage Maintaining a Healthy Artist Blog.

This class is taught by Alyson B Stanfield

and Cynthia Morris These two are masters at the art of blogging and maintaining momentum to keep things interesting.

We are to describe the types of folks who we would like to visit and read our blogs.

I pondered for several hours making lists and here is what I came up with

Artists or Artistically inclined,

Computer savvy all ages,

loves hand crafted art,


has a unique style,


collector of beautiful things

loves stories and a glimpse into a fellow life traveler,




enjoys making new friends


Earthy and warm


I am sure I will be adding to this list as my brain kicks in with more ideas but for now the second half of the assignment is what I want from blogging

I want to express my self thru writing for the journey of art to me is as much about daily events as well as the finished art piece. I enjoy telling stories and think that we all learn from each others experiences. I am an observer of life and the every miracles that occur under our very noses are often passed by in our haste to tackle the new todo on our endless lists of daily life.

I also feel that writing keeps my brain exercised and at peak performance. I do not intend to move into the rest of my life complaining that I am too old to learn something new, I have other friends who have simply refused to step up to new technology and are letting the world simply pass them by. I am going to fill my brain with every new idea I can and call on my children to help me make the step up when things are a bit out of reach.

I want a connect to other people in the world and to share my point of view and hear their comments. This helps all of us to grow and learn. I want my art to find homes in kindred spirits. I want to sell my art so I continue to produce my art. I am in love with my life and the wondrous experiences art has lured me into. I hope to lure you into my experiences and you will enjoy my blog as much I enjoy writing it

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  1. I love it! Blogging homework. Great list!