Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Making Changes

Many changes have occured for me in the past year and one of them i moving from having a business partner to just being in business with myself. I want the website to reflect who I am today and what I am all about so I am Sharing my new opening page and logo with you all for a sneak peek
Welcome to Peg’s getting another Wild Hair Studio,

Her new Logo is her comic self drawn by her talented daughter Gwen.
She choose Poppies to represent her artistic life. To her they bring a giggle of delight at the wonder of the garden’s lovely gift, you know… that lovely pop of color that is intense and fragile while it warms you from the inside out an unexpected surprise on a regular day in your life.
Wild Hair Studio is a lovely place full of sparkle and treasures to create with or to find that perfect piece of wearable art to complete an outfit or symbolize a special occasion.

Peg is curious about how things work and spends many hours creating, testing and finally completing unique and endearing art. Each piece has a story and fills her head with dreams and characters that help form the ideas for her wearable art.

She is influenced by Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Architecture, great books, her garden, fairies, and faces, lovely faces, old faces, young faces, did I mention faces???
Music of all sorts such as the Blues, Rock & Roll , Belly dance and her darling delightful husband and their children,

Art supplies have always held a place of honor in her home. Hours have spun by unnoticed when she is in creation mode . The ideas come as dreams or as visions during her favorite time of morning in the bath.
Some ideas have to be captured as quickly as they arrive less they escape.

Other ideas grow from the materials speaking loudly to Peg and demanding to be obeyed. Some ideas arrive accidently by the chance meeting of several beads and silver ending up in a pleasing manner which sets off a whole new chain of events.

She is surrounded by a plethora of supplies collected and lovingly stashed from all over the world. Imagine rich bronze pearls, kiln worked glass, luscious crystals in a rainbow of colors precious metals sterling silver, gold, copper, fine silver in wire and charms and hand wrought pendants, semi precious beads, ruby, lapis, amber, & coral, to name just a few, from which she creates her one of a kind wearable art.

Her pieces are for the person who wants to stand out in a crowd and not look like one of the herd. They are for the bold confidant woman who dances to her own beat.
For the woman who hears the art speak to her so she can to tell her own story

Her bracelet kits are for those who wish to create themselves. The designs are from herself and a collective group of artists . The kits are complete and ready to party. Order up several and invite your favorite girlfriends to a bead gathering.

So take some time and wander through Peg’s getting another wild hair experience.

For it’s not about having wild hair but getting one….wink wink

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