Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Moon 3

This month I’ve been thinking a lot about doing a better job of writing down my ideas, sketching things for future reference, etc.

So my idea was to make a little book titled Moon Beam Dreams with inspirational quotes on every other page.  The book has double backed tape on the back and should be installed to the far right of the space so it opens up easily.  I photographed the front, the first and second pages as a visual reference.  The quotes contained in the book include:
Time clocks on front left referencing the passage of time
1.      Believe it’s possible
2.      Something to remember
3.      Scatter sunshine
4.      Never give up
5.      Magical
6.      Surround yourself with greatness
7.      Sprinkle it with Fabulous
8.      Make pretty stuff
9.      It’s all good

Lynn Vernon


  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Love this, love the whole concept. Nancy

  2. Moon beam dreams... with such wee sayings... so magical, open and inspiring. Like a brand new journal just waiting to be written upon. There's a story to unfold here. SO awesome!

    1. Thank you...I'm catching up! =)