Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Moon 7

This moon, I was inspired by the cheerful reds & pinks of Valentines,
and the moon some call the Rabbit Moon.  I sculpted this bunny of
polymer so that he could easily fit on a wee ledge. I've never really
sculpted a bunny or animal before this. And I find my sketches of them
to be primitive. I have a difficult time properly understanding &
proportioning their shapes. So I was delighted at how excellent this
sculpture turned out. The ears are my fav!  The "Love Me" came from a
mini box of really great chocolate frogs I received as a gift.  And
last, the pièce de résistance, the miniature banner of washi tape
flags.  To make these 1/8" - 1/4" wide flags I used the width of the
washi tape itself as half the height of the flag. Then to ensure I had
a tiny enough width to allow for lots of flags over a mere 3", I cut
strips that were ~ 1/8" or so by 1/2" (width of washi tape). The
result? A magical, miniature, banner of flags fit for even a Lego guy
to hold! Yay! I love it, just like the words say.

Gwen Gyldenege


  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Love this bunny!!!! So envious of these sculptural abilities! Nancy

  2. I LOVE your bunny and his ears. I'm going to try my first little sculpture this month as well. Your painting skills are also amazing. Great work Gwen!

  3. Thank you Lynn & Nancy! I picked up some of my sculpting skills early, early on in fimo days (90's), then picked it up again recently with Christi Freisen's books. Her teaching style is so easy to pick-up. I was amazed how alike my sculptures could be, then I branched out with the bunny (for the first time) and was thrilled that it actually looked like a bunny! :)