Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Moon 4

Love &
 Hope Stitched Heart
It was hard to figure out what to do for Lou. I like Halloween also, and it is the month of her birth. But that was not it. Then maybe magic! What I wanted to do could not find the supply needed for it and ordered but it was late in coming. So it came down to the month of love, February, so thus the heart. I have made these before and also taught a class in beading using these little hearts. It is always a joy to work with beads as it calms me working with my hands. Each stitch is taken with a wish or hope even if I am not aware of or know the person that will receive it. I do look forward to meeting all next year.



  1. Oh how I love your beautiful heart! As Peg can attest, I have zero skill and patience with tiny beautiful beads and have so much respect for those who do!

  2. I love the flower/outer-space-y-planetary beads. Hearts have always inspired me. Where best to plant seeds for new growth than in your heart!